Month: August 2019

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Special Education Teaching
Amanda Wagoner, MAT

Keeping Kids Engaged In School; The Secret

Ah, the classroom! Filled with learning, fun, work, breakthroughs, and the occasional challenge (sometimes more frequent than others)… An easily overlooked classroom phenomenon is the elusive child engagement within the

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School System
Carolyn Hoff

The Damaged Reality Of Special Education

In 1975, President Gerald Ford signed a law that assured students suffering from disabilities the right to education in public schools. This act was known as “Education for All Handicapped

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Special Education Labeling
Taylor Fulcher

Twice-Exceptional Children Defined

I was shocked, actually sort of stunned… There, in front of me was a student who just hours before had absolutely blown the other students out of the water with

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Posts Written By Our Readers
Hilary S. Wolfson

Fixing Broken Hearts

About five years ago I was a teacher at a trauma-informed independent school in CT, and our student body consisted of about 50 or so high school students who in

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