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Obliterate The REDTAPE.

Go Beyond The Broken School System...

Special Education Acronym Guide Book
Special Education Acronym Guide Book

The School To Bully You AND Your Child...

Take Charge!

Start By Understanding The Cryptic Language Of Special Education!

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Overcome Frustration.

Battling with the school has become your single most time-consuming role. But nothing changes... you are NOT to blame.

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It's Not Your Fault.

The school system is antiquated, broken, and is not set up to handle modern needs. The fact that your child struggles is not your fault, you are not alone!

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Your Child Depends On It.

You've tried to be friendly, cordial, understanding, helpful, and present with the school system. Time to take the bull by the horns and actually see your child gain the help they so desperately need...

Special Education Acronym Guide Book

Leaving So Soon?

Look, I've Been There... The Stress And Frustration. It's NOT Your Fault!

This is an opportunity to no longer allow the school to push you around… 

I’m ready to take charge of my child’s education…