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About Special Ed Resource

Often times parents of children with special needs struggle to locate a source for answers.

More frequently, children with special needs are unable to receive help and guidance needed to reach their excellence. Special Education Resource was created to fill a gap between the needs of parents who have children with special needs and resources available today. Supplemental learning through special education tutoring has seen a sharp increase in the past few years, as classroom sizes continue to increase, and available resources decrease in a strained educational system. 

A special education tutor takes the curriculum a child is being taught in their traditional class and molds it to fit their unique learning needs.

Done from the comfort of their own home through the use of the latest technology, the primary benefits are increased grades and decreased behavior often caused from being overwhelmed academically. Whatever path you choose for your child, ensure that you’re arming yourself with all necessary information in order to create the best academic and life path for your child.

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What Our Tutoring Programs Offer

Our Tutoring Programs Offer A Fun And Exciting Way For Your Child To Catch Up And Stay Ahead!

Creative And Fun Learning​

Utilizing the latest, interactive technology available, your child will finally have fun learning again!

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Each Session Is Conducted Online

No need to travel, fight traffic, rearrange your busy schedule, or welcome a stranger into your home. Each one-on-one session is conducted online, complete with interactive video chat.

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Flexible Schedule​

Need to change your appointment for this afternoon? No problem, we are just a phone call away! Tutoring is meant to assist, not get in the way of after school fun!

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Interactive Sessions

We use an interactive approach to learning. From fun reading curriculum to animated math, your child will never suffer from boredom again!


Feedback To Parents Is Provided

One of the most important parts of tutoring is providing parents with accurate and consistent feedback. This non-biased information will assist you during IEP meetings, home studies and allow for a better understanding of your child's learning needs.


Tools And Resources​

Additional learning tools and resources are available, and the number of sessions per week are flexible. We can tailor a program specific to your child's individual needs.


Tutoring For All Age Groups

Our Tutoring Programs are designed for all age groups, all grades and most subjects (excluding foreign language). We work with adults with special needs in their mid 60’s to 5 year old children and everything in between!

A Tutoring Program Based On The Individual

Our primary focus is to teach children based on their individual learning needs. We mold all curriculum to fit the child, not force the child to learn in the way in which the curriculum was intended.

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