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What do I do if my child has learning challenges but isn’t labeled special education?

With the amount of “red tape” involved in getting your child enrolled in Special Education Services, thousands of families throughout the United States are caught in limbo. Parents want their child to receive assistance TODAY, however, the sluggish speed of the system makes that desire extremely tough!
Outside sources of assistance such as Special Needs Tutoring and “Do It Yourself” style online curriculum are growing in demand across the United States. Interested in finding out more? Take a look at our sister site, SpecialEdTutoring.

Why do you have multiple sites available for resources?

Our primary focus at is to provide help children with special needs reach their excellence! We do that by condensing the millions of available online resources into one carefully planned site. It’s our way of quieting the noise often associated with the murky, confusing world of Special Education.
If we notice a void in an available resource, we work hard to create it. This is how our sister site came to be. Other tutoring companies primary focus is “mainstream” education. Many have a small arm that works within the world of Special Education, however, without a serious focus, many children with special needs don’t receive the opportunities and assistance they really need.

How do you find the right tutor for my child?

Through a no cost consultation call, we are able to pair your child with the special education expert that best matches their unique learning style.

How often should my child be tutoring?

The frequency of tutoring sessions is one of the subjects that’s discussed during the consultation call. Also, this is an area that often evolves during the first couple months of sessions.

Why do you only tutor online?

There are several reasons we’ve determined online tutoring to be the most effective in today’s landscape.

  • More Time Preparing For The Sessions; Time for the special education expert to prepare for each session is absolutely vital to the success of their student. When zero travel time is involved, those precious minutes can be used preparing for your child’s next session.
  • Children Learn Better In Familiar Settings; A comfortable environment increases learning for children. Most children are already comfortable in their own home, so it’s a natural setting to maximize learning.
  • Children Often Struggle With New “In-Person” Relationships; It takes children a WHILE to build a relationship with anyone new entering their lives, especially adults. Not having the stress associated with a “stranger” entering their home means more learning can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time.

What does tutoring cost?

Our session rate varies depending on the program you choose and the frequency of your child’s sessions. All of this is discussed in detail during the consultation call which is 100% based on your child’s unique situation.

What if it is not a good “fit” with the tutor?

Though an issue between a child and a tutor is rare, the problem is always fixed in a swift manner. Most often it’s a simple redirect of the situation and some communication… however, we can, of course, assign a different special education expert if necessary.

How does the tutoring process work?

Step 1; Get Started! Fill out the no obligation consultation form to get the process moving.

Step 2; Do Your Part! Once you submit the consultation request form, a Special Education Expert will be calling you. Answer the call. I know this sounds simple, but it’s surprising how many parents take the first step then fail to answer the phone and gain the insight they’ve been so desperately seeking.

Step 3; Just Do It! We provide a special introductory offer that’s used to determine IF online tutoring is the best option for your child. For less than most folks spend at a coffee shop, you can finally see if this form of assistance will work for your child.

Step 4; Watch, Learn, And Be Involved! Once the introductory aspect of tutoring is done, a plan is decided upon between you and your special education expert. Be involved, communicate and work in conjunction with your special education expert so your child can experience maximum results!

That’s it, your child is now on their way to achieving excellence!

What equipment do I need?

  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Webcam
  • Phone OR Microphone / Speakers

Think Differently About Education.

We Believe…

All children are born with the innate ability to reach their OWN excellence.

That a growing group of children don’t fully prosper in overpopulated classrooms.

Through technology and one on one learning, their future path to success can be made clear again.