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They have been a life saver. They were able to teach him math, his school teacher wasn’t able to do that. He clicked and he was able to move to the harder stuff in school.

Basima Naser

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We didn’t have hope. We were beat down. I thank them so much for giving him a trajectory to learn and stabilize him.

Mandi Seipel

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Are you struggling to make progress with your child's learning?

Are you trying to learn more about special needs tutoring? Your extraordinary child may require exceptional tutoring. Too often, children with special needs struggle because the traditional educational system does not address their unique needs. No child is the same–and it makes sense that they would need a personalized tutoring approach to reach their full potential. Special Ed Resource offers special needs tutoring for all learning disabilities and styles, tailored to each child.

Our dedicated team believes you and your child shouldn’t have to settle for an educational system that is not designed for your child and may even intentionally exclude them. Obviously, this is not your kid’s fault. They deserve better, and we commend you for taking the steps to seek a special education tutor who can help them optimize their education. 

Although there are excellent teachers at schools nationwide, the system is not set up for individualized learning at the level necessary to promote the best outcomes for ALL learners. Plus, many children do not prosper in the overpopulated classrooms that have become the norm in today’s schools. These are harsh realities for parents of children with special needs. But the sooner we realize it, the sooner we can take action to get our children the special tutoring support they need to thrive.

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Dyslexia Tutoring

Through our online dyslexia tutoring program, your child will be matched with a highly trained dyslexia tutor who creates an individualized plan for your child’s unique learning needs. Children with dyslexia commonly experience several challenges in a traditional educational setting, including falling behind in school, academic regression, difficulty making friends, lack of confidence, and depression. With specialized dyslexia tutoring, your child can reach their full learning potential.

While most public schools provide free tutoring for dyslexia, the programs often fall short due to the schools’ limited resources. The result is a cookie-cutter program focusing on the disorder instead of the individual child. With dyslexia tutoring from Special Ed Resource, your child will have a customized plan for learning success that boosts their self-esteem, increases their reading level, improves their grades, and creates a more positive learning experience. 

Overcoming dyslexia requires a total mind shift that begins when children take pride in their success. Instead of being resistant to learning and saying “I can’t,” they will begin to say “I can,” and they’ll believe it. What’s the difference? Arming them with tools and one-on-one support from a dyslexia tutoring expert is the key differentiator. If you have been disappointed by online tutoring in the past, it’s time to discover a better way with individualized dyslexia tutoring from Special Ed Resource.

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special ed resources


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can make learning a challenging experience for your child. Far too many gaps exist in the traditional educational system, and students with ADHD tend to slip into these gaps, struggling through their school assignments and falling behind. Special Ed Resource can connect you with an ADHD tutor with in-depth experience tailoring learning strategies for students with ADHD. Not only can learning become more productive and successful for your child, but it can become rewarding and enjoyable.

Let’s face it, most classrooms are too crowded, and teachers are overtaxed. As a result, children with ADHD are distracted and frustrated and do not get the individualized attention they need to overcome the challenges of the disorder. This is not their fault, and they deserve better. With our ADHD tutor, you can bridge the gaps in your child’s education to set them on a path to academic success and enhanced self-confidence.

Features of our ADHD tutoring include experienced ADHD tutors who are committed to learning what motivates your child, a flexible curriculum so your child can work at their own pace, and fun,hands-on assignments and projects to inspire a love of learning. The one-on-one tutoring style from Special Ed Resource ensures your child with ADHD has all the support, strategies, and resources to thrive and take their education to the next level and beyond.

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AUTISM Tutoring

Statistics show that one out of every 88 children is on the autism spectrum. Anyone with a child on the spectrum knows that the current public and private education systems are often unequipped to meet their child’s unique educational needs. A qualified autism tutor from Special Ed Resource can facilitate a fulfilling and robust educational experience for your child. By tapping into your child’s unique strengths and abilities, our autism tutor customizes a one-on-one online tutoring program that engages them and maximizes their educational potential.

Can you imagine how your child’s educational experience might change with autism tutoring to enhance their focus, increase their attention span, and improve their impulse control? Those are the typical outcomes we see at Special Ed Resource. Our experienced autism tutors understand that children on the spectrum thrive in a structured and predictable environment. While uncommon in the traditional classroom, our one-on-one online tutoring makes it possible. You may have to see it for yourself to believe it! 

Features of our ADHD tutoring include experienced ADHD tutors who are committed to learning what motivates your child, a flexible curriculum so your child can work at their own pace, and fun,hands-on assignments and projects to inspire a love of learning. The one-on-one tutoring style from Special Ed Resource ensures your child with ADHD has all the support, strategies, and resources to thrive and take their education to the next level and beyond.


special education math

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Do you feel hopeless when it comes to special education math for your child? Unless you are a math genius who specializes in special education, don’t be too hard on yourself! This is a challenging area that requires expertise and specific special ed tutoring strategies. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert–because we’ve got your back. Let Special Ed Resource match your child with the right tutor for optimized special education math learning.

As experts in all aspects of special education tutoring, we understand what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to teaching math. Finally, you can stop pulling out your hair and battling with your child. Our special education math tutoring sessions leverage your child’s strengths, interests, and learning style to help them comprehend crucial math concepts. If the traditional educational system and methods have not worked for your child, we offer the missing pieces to the complicated puzzle. 

At Special Ed Resource, we will get to know your child to assess their learning style so the special ed math tutor can utilize teaching methods to help them absorb math concepts. Because we are not married to a specific teaching approach, we identify what works best for your child and design a math curriculum tailored to them. Our special education math approach engages your child and instills confidence and hope–for both the child and the parent.

Special education reading

Whether your child is an elementary student struggling to learn how to read or a college student whose reading skills are holding them back, our special education reading tutoring can help. Our tutors work with students of all ages and reading levels through programs catered to individualized learning needs.

Many students with learning challenges related to reading have a root cause that has not been identified. After an initial assessment, we pair your child with a special education reading tutor who has a degree in special education and experience in the classroom. Your tutor will take the time to sit with your child, establish a relationship, determine any root causes, and help them build the skills necessary to overcome their unique reading challenges. By identifying the missing foundational pieces of their reading education, the tutor can establish a baseline to help your child move forward with confidence to achieve their reading goals.

While schools offer special education reading classes, they typically use the same reading curriculum for all–and it may not be suitable for your child. Special Ed Resource doesn’t use a set curriculum for special ed reading. Instead, we figure out what your child needs and design the tutoring program and curriculum to hold your child’s interest and complement their unique learning style

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special ed resources

Tutoring for All Learning Disabilities

Special Ed Resource provides comprehensive tutoring for all learning disabilities. So no matter your child’s learning style or challenges, we can connect them with a special ed tutor to help them overcome obstacles and experience academic and behavioral success. Our highly trained tutors take an engaging, interactive approach to learning to ensure your child enjoys their education again while building foundational skills to take them to the next level. Through our tailored tutoring programs, we boost your child’s self-belief every step of the way. Strategies like positive reinforcement and mini-goal setting build your child’s confidence, turning their “I can’ts” into “I CANs.”

If other tutoring programs have let you down, you’ll be inspired by our approach at Special Ed Resource. Rather than teaching to the learning disability, we teach to the individual, and that’s when the magic happens. Your child will feel empowered in their education, which can positively impact them for the rest of their life.

Have you been told by teachers your child is difficult? Is your child resistant to learning? Have you noticed a decrease in your child’s self-esteem or signs of depression? These are all red flags indicating they need additional support and specialized tutoring services. The Special Ed Resource team believes each and every child deserves to reach their full potential. That’s why we are dedicated to providing tutoring for all learning disabilities.


How Our Special Ed Tutoring Works

The first step to getting started with our special ed tutoring programs is a free, no-obligation consultation call. During this one-on-one conversation, we will explore your child’s journey and discuss ideas and tutoring strategies to help you achieve your goals. As someone who has been through almost everything imaginable–either with my son or through my work with parents–you can count on me to offer judgment-free support and feedback as you share your story.

Our introductory program includes two 30-minute sessions covering three crucial components to get your child on the optimal path to academic success:

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We assess your child’s learning style, personality, and interests to pair them with the ideal special ed tutor based on their individual needs.

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The special education tutor will begin the process of deeper assessment and relationship-building with your child. They will also further explore your child’s individual

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Special Need Tutoring Page

The special ed tutor gives their prescription and recommendation for what will help your child achieve their goals. This will include how many sessions each week the tutor recommends

At Special Ed Resource, the ultimate goal of our special education tutoring programs is to facilitate independence for your child. We aim to work our special needs tutor out of the equation so your child has the learning strategies and foundational skills to achieve academic and behavioral success on their own.


Special Needs Tutoring for Learning Disabilities FAQ

I’m not only the co-founder of Special Ed Resource but my wife and I are also parents of two children, including a child with autism and Duchenne muscular dystrophy. And we built this business because we recognize our children needed more than their schools could provide. Without individualized learning, many children do not reach their full potential and often experience behavioral problems, damage to self-esteem, and a negative outlook on their education. Neglecting these issues can impact children for the rest of their lives. We wanted more for our kids, and I know you do too.

Many parents have felt powerless and unsure about how to change the educational climate for their children. Special Ed Resource exists to change that. We empower parents and children with customized special needs tutoring for all learning disabilities. Today’s technology makes it easier, more accessible, and more affordable than ever to supplement your child’s learning from the comfort of home.

Whether you are looking for dyslexia tutoring, special education math, special education reading, an ADHD tutor, or an autism tutor, count on Special Ed Resource to connect you with the specific online tutoring programs and resources your child needs to become the best, most confident version of themselves.

Teaching special needs involves creating individualized learning plans, adapting instructional strategies, and providing accommodations to support diverse learning styles and abilities. The process requires patience, empathy, and a collaborative approach with parents, caregivers, and special ed tutors to foster an inclusive and supportive learning environment that meets each child’s unique needs. 

Tutoring can be beneficial for children with ADHD as it offers personalized attention, tailored strategies, and a structured, engaging, one-on-one learning environment. Special needs tutors can help develop executive functioning skills, implement organization techniques, and provide academic support to improve focus and comprehension. Regular online tutoring sessions with a qualified special needs tutor can enhance academic performance and boost self-confidence.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to teaching children with special needs, as each individual has unique learning styles and needs. A special needs tutor can create customized learning strategies involving a combination of evidence-based practices, individualized education plans, multisensory techniques, assistive technology, and a supportive one-on-one learning environment. At Special Ed Resource, our tutoring for special education students promotes engagement, collaboration, and personalized learning experiences to achieve optimal outcomes for each child.

Special needs teachers play a vital role in supporting children with diverse learning needs. They assess individual strengths and challenges, create tailored education plans, adapt teaching methods, and provide specialized instruction. The special needs tutors at Special Ed Resource design individualized learning plans to promote skill development and maximize your child’s academic and behavioral potential.

While there isn’t a single best learning style for ADHD, multisensory approaches are often effective. Incorporating visual aids, hands-on activities, movement breaks, and verbal instructions can enhance academic engagement and retention. Special ed tutoring can boost your child’s success by providing structure, clear instructions, and positive reinforcement to help them stay focused and tap into their self-belief and love of learning.

While each child is unique, the four major types of children with special needs include those with intellectual disabilities, sensory impairments, physical disabilities, and emotional/behavioral disorders. Each category encompasses a wide range of conditions and challenges, requiring individualized support and educational strategies tailored to their specific needs. Special needs tutoring teaches the individual instead of the disability, leading to a better, more successful learning experience and outcome for your child.

Four ways teachers and special ed tutors can support children with special needs is by providing individualized instruction, establishing supportive one-on-one learning environments, fostering positive relationships, and tailoring learning strategies, plans, and goals to each child’s unique needs. At Special Ed Resource, our special needs tutors customize online tutoring plans and sessions to engage children, boost their self-confidence, and help them reach their full potential–both academically and behaviorally.

The three most important roles of a special education teacher or special ed tutor are to assess and identify the child’s individual needs and learning style, create and implement personalized learning plans, and provide specialized, one-on-one instruction and support. Special education needs private tutors from Special Ed Resource identify and fill in the gaps in your child’s educational experience and implement a plan molded to fit their unique learning needs.

To motivate a child with special needs, a special ed tutor will establish clear goals, provide regular positive reinforcement, and celebrate small achievements. They can offer choices, incorporate the child’s interests into lessons, and create engaging and interactive learning experiences. Building a supportive relationship, offering encouragement, and fostering a safe, one-on-one learning environment also contribute to the child’s motivation, confidence, and success.

Children with special needs may struggle with various challenges depending on their specific disorder or disability. These can include difficulties with academic learning, social interactions, communication, sensory processing, emotional regulation, attention, executive functioning, and physical mobility. Each child’s struggles are unique, and tailored support and guidance from an experienced special needs tutor are ideal for addressing their individual needs.

The terms “disability” and “special needs” are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct meanings. Disability refers to a physical, cognitive, sensory, or developmental impairment that significantly impacts an individual’s daily functioning. On the other hand, special needs is a broader term encompassing various disorders and learning differences that require additional support and tailored tutoring strategies from a trained special needs tutor.