An Individualized Learning Plan Expertly Designed For YOUR Child!

If you, as a parent, constantly feel like your child’s IEP isn’t working, that little to no progress is being made year after year, and every time you try to push for something different, you’re hit with an endless barrage of reasons why this is the only plan that could work… you are not alone!

This is reason number 757 we created Special Education Resource in first place over 10 years ago.

Luckily, there are other options… iep-sign-up

Get Your Individualized, Child-Centric Learning Plan Now - Only $35!

Get Your Custom Assessment & Learning Plan Now – Only $35!

Experience the difference with our team of passionate and experienced special education professionals. We focus on identifying the true learning challenges your child faces, NOT generic grades and grade levels like often seen in the school system. With our unique, child-centric approach, we’ve helped thousands of students overcome their unique barriers and accelerate their learning journey.

Individualized Parent Call

The starting point is an individualized, detailed, and thorough conversation with you, the parent! During our call, we will work to answer all of your questions, dig deep into the challenges your child is facing, understand their needs, and cover the details of a comprehensive solution tailored specifically to them!

Customized Tutor Matching

One of the most important pillars of success is a solid relationship. Children HAVE to connect with their teacher in order to progress at a high level! With over 10 years of experience and a deep knowledge of each of our teachers’ personalities, strengths, and areas of excellence… we take the guesswork out of matching the BEST educator who fits your child perfectly!

Individualized Learning Plan

Next, we begin the development of your child’s Individualized Learning Plan. This is done during the two comprehensive, personalized, and detailed sessions that our special education expert will have with your child. While tons of things are covered during these sessions, our educator will work to uncover three critical pieces of information to maximize your child’s success:

Personalized Direction

After the plan is created, our team will reach out to you and go through the plan. From there, steps are put in place to help your child reach the goals that you have for us!

Get Your Individualized, Child-Centric Learning Plan Now - Only $35!


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Customized Learning Plans

Arm yourself with the information YOU need to make the best academic decisions for your child! Each Individualized Learning Plan is created by a non-biased (not part of your child’s school district) special education expert. You will discover the missing pieces truly holding your child back from propelling forward and the steps necessary to reach their academic goals! Over the past decade, we have developed a comprehensive process for parents to understand how their child learns best, the root causes of specific academic challenges, and the precise steps needed for your child to reach confident academic independence!

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Expert Team

Benefit from our top special education professionals who have extensive experience in diagnosing learning challenges and creating impactful, individualized learning plans. We’ve empowered thousands of special education students in overcoming all types of challenges, ensuring maximum success in their quest toward confident, independent, accomplished adults!

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Tutor Matching Service

The old adage “it takes a village” is most certainly applicable to the academic success of children today! As a parent of a son with autism, I know this to be an indisputable fact! Sometimes, finding the right match is the hardest part… especially when children would rather do anything other than academics (even eat peas)! The challenge of finding a special education expert who is not only qualified to help your child but who is a perfect match to their unique needs is something we excel in! Hand-picking the perfect special education professional is included in all of our programs, eliminating the need for endless interviews and the trial and error that drives all children (and parents) crazy!

What Parents Are Saying

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Our service is about more than just creating learning plans; it’s about ensuring your child’s success. By diagnosing the exact learning barriers and pairing students with the right tutors, we help each child reach their full potential. Our dedication and passion come from our own experiences as parents of special needs children. Our unique, personalized, and holistic approach supports the entire educational journey, yielding superior results every step of the way.

Get Your Individualized, Child-Centric Learning Plan Now - Only $35!

Get Your Individualized, Child-Centric Learning Plan Now - Only $35!

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 Start the journey toward a confident academic independent child with an individualized learning plan with a special education expert!

Proudly Serving Our Clients

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Special Ed Resource - IEP Signup


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Special Ed Resource - IEP Signup

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, our tutors work online. We have developed a proven system that engages students effectively, and we’ve successfully helped thousands of children improve their academic performance and confidence through our online tutoring. Try us risk free and you’ll be amazed at what happens.

Our personalized assessments are designed to pinpoint the exact learning challenges your child faces. Not just that they are failing to keep up or “can’t do the math”. We focus on diagnosing true deficiencies and learning disabilities, allowing us to create a custom learning plan tailored to their unique needs.

 Our tutors are highly qualified special education professionals with extensive experience in working with children who have various learning challenges. They are passionate about helping students succeed and are trained in our proven methods.

Yes, our approach is designed to help children catch up and even accelerate their learning

We understand the importance of a good tutor-student match. If in the rare event that your child doesn’t connect well with their tutor, we will facilitate a change and find a better match through our ‘get matched’ service, ensuring a harmonious and effective learning experience.

After assessing your child’s specific learning challenges, we develop a custom learning plan that addresses their unique needs. This plan includes targeted strategies and methods to help them overcome their barriers and achieve academic success.

Yes, while we do not create official IEP plans, we provide detailed recommendations based on our assessments. These recommendations can be included in your child’s IEP to ensure they receive the support they need within the school system

The frequency of tutoring sessions depends on your child’s specific needs and goals. Typically, we recommend at least one session per week to ensure consistent progress and support.

Many of our students see significant improvements in their academic performance, including better grades, increased understanding of subjects, and enhanced reading and writing skills. In addition, confidence and even excitement to learn is often a welcome outcome. Each child’s progress will vary based on their starting point and individual abilities and needs.

Our tutors use a variety of engaging techniques and tools to keep sessions interactive and interesting for your child. We focus on making learning fun and accessible, which helps maintain your child’s interest and promotes better retention of information.