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Are you seeking a special education math tutor to help your special needs child? Math is a tricky subject for nearly all kids. Those with learning disabilities or other special needs might need an extra boost to master it. But it’s been years since you last opened a math book. You may think there’s no way you can assist with your kid’s homework!

Math is often the least-liked subject for children of all abilities. There are a lot of rules and formulas to remember. And for individuals with dyslexia or dyscalculia, the numbers jumble together. Plus, it doesn’t help that many parents don’t feel confident with their own math skills.

Unfortunately, struggling in math can take its toll on your child. You might notice that they:

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But that doesn’t mean bad grades are inevitable. Your kid is exceptionally talented and highly intelligent. They are capable of achieving anything they want.

It’s time to turn their “I can’t” into “I CAN!” Whether your child has dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism, ADHD, or another disability, they can succeed in math. All they need is the proper guidance and an individualized lesson plan.

Your child needs an experienced SpEd math tutor.

At Special Ed Resource, we’ll match your child with an online tutor. All our teachers are certified with plenty of special education classroom experience. After just a few sessions, you’ll notice a marked difference in your child’s attitude and confidence. Most importantly, we make math fun!

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How Does Special Education Tutoring Work for Math?

Your child isn’t like anyone else. And they certainly aren’t like other special needs kids. That’s the cool thing—we’re all INDIVIDUALS! Unfortunately, the educational system isn’t individualized. Instead, it follows the same blanket curriculum for everyone.

It’s a broken system—especially for special needs students!

So many kids get lost in the system. Math intervention programs for special education don’t exist in public schools. When it comes to solving problems, they often feel defeated before ever finding X., But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If other tutoring programs have let you down, you’ll be inspired by our approach at Special Ed Resource. Rather than teaching to the learning disability, we teach to the individual, and that’s when the magic happens. Your child will feel empowered in their education, which can positively impact them for the rest of their life.

Have you been told by teachers your child is difficult? Is your child resistant to learning? Have you noticed a decrease in your child’s self-esteem or signs of depression? These are all red flags indicating they need additional support and specialized tutoring services. The Special Ed Resource team believes each and every child deserves to reach their full potential. That’s why we are dedicated to providing tutoring for all learning disabilities.

A Different Approach to Online Learning

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. Remote learning failed an entire generation of kids once, and you don’t want it to happen again. How are our online tutors any different? This isn’t your run-of-the-mill Zoom meeting with 30 other bored peers. We offer ONE-ON-ONE math tutoring with certified special education teachers. All of our tutors have experience teaching math to students with disabilities.

Online special education math tutoring promotes:


We make learning fun! From dyslexia to ADHD, our tutors use tools and resources to keep your child engaged and interested from start to finish.


Can’t keep still? Need to wander around the room? No problem! We use a flexible approach to ensure your child absorbs and retains the presented material.

Self-directed Learning

Not everyone learns at the same pace. That’s why we focus on one concept until your child masters it. No more worrying about being left behind!

Comfortable Environments

Where is your child most comfortable? Home! As long as you have a computer, webcam, and internet access, online special ed math tutoring lets you learn from anywhere.

Kids—and adults—enjoy online math tutoring from Special Ed Resource. Our experienced, degreed, and certified teachers make learning an adventure. An individualized approach means math will finally make sense to your child. You’ll immediately see a difference in their attitude, self-esteem, and grades!

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What to Expect from Our Special Ed Math Tutor

Special Ed Resource wants to help your child excel. Our special needs math tutoring pushes them to overcome their challenges and reach for the stars. Here’s how our proven program works:

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Identify your child's unique learning style:

All kids learn differently—including your own. Teaching math to special needs students must be done in a way that best resonates with them.

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Uncover the missing foundational pieces:

What’s lacking in your child’s math education? Our SpEd tutors find the missing pieces and put them back in place.

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Create an individualized plan:

Everyone with special needs has different goals. They also face various obstacles. Your tutor will write down goals and design a plan to ensure your child’s success.

Special Ed Resource believes everyone deserves the very best special education math tutoring. Value-driven pricing ensures our services are accessible to all. Let us instill a love for math in your child.

FAQs for Special Education Math Tutor

Teaching SpEd math requires an individualized plan designed around their learning style. Some people have a disability, such as dyscalculia, which makes it difficult to comprehend numbers. Identifying challenges is essential. An online tutor from Special Ed Resource will help build a personalized curriculum that caters to your child’s unique needs.

Many parents feel overwhelmed teaching their special needs child alone. It’s helpful to bring in an expert with reading disability experience. Every tutor at Special Ed Resource is a certified special education teacher. A SpEd background helps us make custom reading curriculums to meet every child’s unique needs.

The most common math challenges include reading comprehension, arithmetic weakness, symbol recognition, visual-spatial-motor organization, and understanding the language of math. Dyscalculia encompasses all these disabilities. Connecting with a tutor from Special Ed Resource is a great way to overcome math obstacles.

Phonics teaches kids the relationship between letters and the sounds they make. Sight words help special needs children increase their reading speed and build a strong vocabulary. Comprehension involves making sense of words and their meanings when in text. And fluency is the ability to read smoothly, accurately, and with expression.

Yes! An IEP streamlines teaching math to people with disabilities. Your IEP can list goals and accommodations to make it easier for you to learn and comprehend math. The IEP guidance program from Special Ed Resource will ensure your IEP is accurate for your needs.

No two people with autism learn math in the same way. A combination of visual, verbal, and hands-on instruction will ensure you teach to each person’s unique learning style. Working with a special ed math tutor from Special Ed Resource will ensure your child masters the subject.

  1. Delays in recognizing sight words
  2. Trouble reading and comprehending sentences
  3. Slow, labored, or inaccurate oral reading
  4. Frequent spelling errors
  5. Difficulty sequencing letters and words

But that isn’t an all-inclusive list. Individuals with reading learning disabilities face different challenges. An online tutor from Special Ed Resource uses a personalized approach. We help children and adults learn how to read with confidence!

There are many reasons people with disabilities might struggle with math. Developmental delays can affect your ability to process new information. Executive functioning disorders make it difficult to focus and retain concepts. But some individuals with disabilities thrive in math classes. That’s why teaching to a person’s unique learning style is vital.


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