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Are you convinced that a label doesn’t have to define a child? Do you focus on teaching children in the way they need to be taught instead of forcing them into a system that doesn’t always work? Thousands of teachers throughout the US are and if you want to help change the way students learn, Special Education Resource may be for you. We are constantly on the lookout for highly qualified folks to join our family.

What It Takes To Be A Tutor With Special Education Resource;

We are an online tutoring company that focuses 100% of our efforts on changing the way children with special needs learn through the use of technology. Too often children are left behind, overwhelmed and lost in ever expanding classrooms. With the resources available to teachers in this nation continuing to decrease, these amazing educators are often forced to do more with less.

Supplemental learning is designed to take the curriculum a child with special needs is currently learning in their classroom and mold it to fit their unique learning style. Created to parallel not replace the classroom environment, this form of learning increases grades and helps to drastically decrease behaviors often caused by the frustration of being overwhelmed academically.

Do you share in our mission? To prove a label doesn’t have to define a child; it simply proves all children learn differently.

  • If you find yourself with a natural affinity to our mission statement and a burning desire to contribute, Special Education Resource may be for you!
  • If your life’s mission is to ensure every student you interact with reaches their excellence, Special Education Resource may be for you!

We Require;

  • Ability to commit to a predictable schedule. Children require this consistency in order to reach maximum success.
  • Minimum of a Bachelors degree in Special Education.
  • Computer, webcam and internet connection.
  • We conduct a background check on all of our Tutors to ensure the safety of our Students.

What We Can Offer You;

  • Ability to work from anywhere that internet is available
  • Great pay
  • Flexible schedule (we ask that you commit to a school year)
  • Rapidly growing client base

Next Steps;

  • Fill out the application
  • Attach your resume
  • That’s it!

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