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They have been a life saver. They were able to teach him math, his school teacher wasn’t able to do that. He clicked and he was able to move to the harder stuff in school.

Basima Naser

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We didn’t have hope. We were beat down. I thank them so much for giving him a trajectory to learn and stabilize him.

Mandi Seipel

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Special Needs Homeschooling

Considering special needs homeschooling for your child? We understand! While public school suits many, your child may not fit the “typical” mold. You worry about falling behind, overwhelming classrooms, and limited individual support. In many cases, at-home learning is just a better solution.
special ed resources
special ed resources

Only YOU know what’s best for YOUR kid. And you want to uplift and empower your child. SpEd homeschooling is an excellent option for children who have:

Let Special Ed Resource guide you during your homeschooling journey. We offer private online tutoring and a tailored special needs homeschool curriculum. Let us help your child unlock their potential and soar to new heights!


Homeschooling Autism

Is your child on the spectrum? Learning in a familiar environment might be the best choice. Homeschooling helps kids with autism by:

Building a homeschool curriculum from scratch is tricky. Does the program provide enough stimulation? Will your kid retain the information? What is an IEP for homeschool?

Special Ed Resource understands kids with autism. Our flexible curriculums address your child’s challenges and build on their strengths. And our tutors are simply the best. We create special education homeschool programs to help children with autism thrive.

special ed resources
special ed resources

Homeschooling for Dyslexia

Dyslexia affects your child’s reading and language skills. You don’t want them to fall behind. And you certainly don’t want them to feel below their peers. Here’s how homeschooling with an IEP benefits children with dyslexia:
  • Flexible learning pace
  • Customized courses
  • More emotional support

But you’ve never taught school before. What is the best homeschool curriculum for learning disabilities? How can you ensure a positive outcome for your child?

Special Ed Resource takes the guesswork out of special needs homeschooling. Our online tutors provide one-on-one support to empower children with dyslexia. Your child will overcome challenges and discover their unique strengths.


How Special Needs Homeschooling Works

Looking for the best special education homeschool programs? At Special Ed Resource, we match special needs parents and kids with a great online tutor. Your child will succeed with us!

What’s your first step to elevating your child’s homeschool experience? Sign up for our introductory program. You’ll receive two 30-minute sessions with a hand-selected tutor. We customize everything we do for each child. Here’s how we do it:

special ed resources
Special Need Tutoring Page

We identify how your child learns. Every child learns differently, and teaching to their learning style is crucial.

special ed resources
Special Need Tutoring Page

We search for the missing foundational pieces. Your tutor will uncover your child’s strengths and challenges. When combined with their interests, these pieces help us develop a baseline.

special ed resources
Special Need Tutoring Page

We design an individualized lesson plan. Your special education tutor will list goals, deadlines, and a plan of action to take your child to the next level. We also offer resources to help with IEP and homeschool curriculum.

Worried about the cost? Special Ed Resource is value-driven! EVERY family should be able to afford a high-quality online tutor. With over nine years of experience, you can trust us to lead your child in the right direction.


Special Education Homeschool FAQ

Absolutely! Homeschooling helps kids unlock their full potential in a familiar environment. Your child will thrive with a tailored special education homeschool curriculum. And if you need more help, consider a tutor from Special Ed Resource.

Many parents have felt powerless and unsure about how to change the educational climate for their children. Special Ed Resource exists to change that. We empower parents and children with customized special needs tutoring for all learning disabilities. Today’s technology makes it easier, more accessible, and more affordable than ever to supplement your child’s learning from the comfort of home.

Whether you are looking for dyslexia tutoring, special education math, special education reading, an ADHD tutor, or an autism tutor, count on Special Ed Resource to connect you with the specific online tutoring programs and resources your child needs to become the best, most confident version of themselves.

To start a special ed homeschool, research state regulations. Seek support from professionals, autism organizations, and specialized tutors. Special Ed Resource can customize the curriculum to your child’s needs.

To teach your child in a SpEd homeschool, create a space with a desk, books, and other school supplies. Use adaptive techniques and hands-on visual aids to engage their curiosity. You can also seek guidance from educational experts, like Special Ed Resource.

Homeschooling an autistic child is a fantastic decision! Special needs homeschooling prevents sensory overload. Your child will thrive with custom learning, one-on-one support, and a nurturing environment.

The best homeschool curriculum for special needs (like autism) is flexible. Look for visual aids and multi-sensory activities. Consult experts, join support groups, and connect with Special Ed Resource for guidance.

It can be! A homeschool curriculum for learning disabilities offers flexibility and allows for one-on-one support. Plus, one-on-one attention from a great tutor empowers children to reach for the stars.

The best method for special needs homeschooling uses a multi-modal approach. Each child is unique. Personalized strategies, sensory resources, and hands-on activities make learning inclusive.

It’s absolutely possible—and often preferred—to homeschool an autistic child. Reduced noise and a familiar space help kids with autism learn better. Special needs homeschooling can unlock your child’s full potential when done right. You can even get an IEP for homeschool to track your child’s progress.

Redirecting requires patience, understanding, and a focus on positive reinforcement. Set clear expectations, create boundaries, and demonstrate self-regulation skills in a compassionate manner.

You have many choices! Consider inclusive schools, specialized autism centers, or homeschool programs for special needs. Many parents also hire an online tutor from Special Ed Resource for a custom curriculum.

No, you are not obligated to send your autistic child to a traditional public school. There are plenty of educational options for parents. Consider a SpEd homeschool curriculum designed for your family’s unique needs and preferences.

Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disabilities in schools. It affects a child’s reading and language skills. But with a support system and an IEP, children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities can overcome challenges.