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Special Education Teaching
Diana Chase, M.S.

Nicknames Can Be Life-Changing

One of my most significant “they don’t teach you this at school” moments came very early into my teaching career.  I was a first-year teacher, in a 1st-3rd grade Special

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Special Education Tips
Suzie Dalien

Back To School – Round 2

For most children, the end of the Holiday season not only means tearing down the Christmas tree, and boxing up the lights… January also means time for round 2 of

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Positive Influencers Help Children | Special Education Resource
Environment Shapes Children
Suzie Dalien

Positive Influencers Help Children

A Child’s Path To Success Is Easier When They Are Surrounded By Positive Influencers Be a positive influence to all children. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, family member or friend,

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