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Meet The Founders

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Suzie Dalien, M.Ed.​

Suzie Dalien is an educator in every aspect of the word. She believes that all children have a fair shake in life regardless of what label society places on them.

Described as a “caring, loving and nurturing soul with the ability to think differently about learning,” Suzie has devoted her life to teaching children that are commonly misunderstood or seen as troublesome. With a bold goal to help transform the world of Special Education from one of misconceptions and misdiagnosis to one of acceptance and understanding, Suzie is leading a movement to give children the learning style needed to achieve their excellence.

Possessing a rare sense of what truly makes individual students tick and armed with a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education and a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, she has discovered many ways to break the traditional mold of big classrooms. Instead, she focuses on highly effective one-on-one interactions through technology.

Suzie’s way of educating along with maximizing technology has proven to both be incredibly effective in students learning, but also shown to decrease behaviors commonly witnessed in students who have been given labels.

Suzie shares her passion with her husband Luke and dozens of highly qualified, passionate and caring tutors that make up Special Education Resource.

Luke Dalien is an eternal optimist. His mission in life is to inspire change so that others can break through the barriers of normal and live fulfilled lives.

Described as a “positive influencer, leader and problem solver.” With the creation of Special Education Resource, Luke and his wife Suzie have set out on a mission to prove that a label doesn’t have to define a child, it simply proves that all children learn differently.

Spending most of his life in the world of technology and small business, Luke has developed an incredible concept of spreading a message, cause and belief using multiple channels. He shares the same bold goal as his wife Suzie, to help transform the world of Special Education from one of misconceptions and misdiagnosis to one of acceptance and understanding. Luke has taken his technology and leadership background and put it to work helping to bring much needed information, relief and assistance to both children with special needs and their parents.

Lukas Dalien

Luke Dalien