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They have been a life saver. They were able to teach him math, his school teacher wasn’t able to do that. He clicked and he was able to move to the harder stuff in school.

Basima Naser

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We didn’t have hope. We were beat down. I thank them so much for giving him a trajectory to learn and stabilize him.

Mandi Seipel

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IEP Advocate & Consulting Services

Wondering if you need an IEP advocate to review your child’s current IEP? As a fantastic parent to a special needs kid, you advocate for them daily. It’s a non-stop job, and you wouldn’t change it for the world. But from long meetings to mountains of paperwork, you worry you might overlook something critical to your kid’s success. But is IEP consulting worth it?

Yes, it is! And once you try it, you’ll only wish you did it sooner.

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Your child deserves the best opportunities in life. An individualized education program (IEP) will ensure they get the accommodations needed to excel in school. But this document needs updating as your kid grows and changes. That’s why going into every annual meeting informed and empowered is a must.

Does your child even qualify for an IEP? Here are some IEP-qualifying disabilities:

  • ADHD
  • Autism
  • Dyslexia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Dyscalculia
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • And more

Special Ed Resource provides comprehensive IEP guidance and an online IEP tutoring program. Whether you are new to IEPs or need to review your child’s current one, we can help. Our experts understand how to work the educational system. With us on your side, your child will have everything needed to reach their goals and hit new milestones.

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How Does an IEP work?

What in the world is an IEP? Simply put, it’s a document that defines the special education services, accommodations, and goals your child needs. And by law, schools must follow it.

While all IEPs are individualized, they all follow a similar format. Every IEP lists:

  • Your child’s current skill level
  • Measurable annual goals
  • Ways to track your child’s progress
  • Any special education services your child needs
  • A timeline for any SpEd services
  • When and how your child joins GenEd classrooms
  • Required testing accommodations
  • Goals to help your child transition into their upcoming educational phase
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Since IEPs are legal documents, the wording must be exact. But when written correctly, it will ensure your child receives the best education possible.

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Benefits of Using an IEP Advocate

Your kid isn’t like anyone else. They are perfect just the way they are, but the educational system no longer works for them. It’s up to you to fight for your child. And you could use a little help along the way.

That’s where IEP consulting comes into play. Special education advocates:

  • Advise which accommodations would benefit your child
  • Help you understand reports and evaluations
  • Review current IEP for inaccuracies or shortcomings
  • Provide questions to ask or clarify during IEP meetings

You are your child’s primary advocate, but you don’t have to do it alone. Partnering with an expert from Special Ed Resource will ensure you don’t overlook anything. We will help you get the best IEP for your child.

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IEP Consulting

All special needs parents—whether this is your first IEP or one of many—benefit from IEP consulting services. During these services, an expert will review your child’s history, read the proposed IEP, and discuss any issues they discover.

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IEP for Autism

Does your child with autism need an IEP? Absolutely! Autism is a qualifying IEP learning disability. Individuals with autism face unique challenges. Kids on the spectrum often experience:

  • Sensory overload
  • Social deficits
  • Communication delays
  • Motor skill disabilities
  • And more

And if you meet one kid with autism, you only know one kid with autism. An accurate IEP for autistic children guarantees they don’t get lost in the educational system. It also provides them with the accommodations necessary to overcome these challenges.

IEP for Dyslexia

Dyslexia remains the most diagnosed learning disability. And it’s only one of many IEP examples for learning disabilities. Kids can also get an IEP for dysgraphia, dyscalculia, sensory processing disorders, and non-verbal learning disabilities.

Some challenges children with dyslexia face include:

  • Reading difficulties
  • Problems with letter sequencing
  • Trouble recalling words
  • Speaking delays
  • Inability to pronounce words

An accurate IEP is a must for children with dyslexia. The right accommodations will provide the tools to overcome these challenges.

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What to Expect from Our IEP Consulting

Everyone with special needs faces distinct challenges. No two people are the same. And your child is no different. They are an individual. You must fight for the tailored accommodations they need. Special Ed Resource can guide the process.

Our IEP guidance program takes the guesswork out of your child’s IEP. We dissect your current IEP to ensure it’s up-to-date and accurate. This is our inclusive process:


An in-house IEP professional will learn more about your child during this one-to-one phone call. We want to know:
  • Schooling background
  • Goals for the current year
  • Known IEP challenges
  • Anything else you feel is vital

Individualized Research

The special education tutor will begin the process of deeper assessment and relationship-building with your child. They will also further explore your child’s individual

Inclusive Report:

Our detailed report indicates any items we feel are accurate, most likely accurate, or most likely inaccurate. We explain which questions to ask during your annual IEP meeting to address any shortcomings.

Additional 30-Minute Phone Call:

A follow-up conversation allows you to ask our expert any questions or concerns you have after reading the report.

At Special Ed Resource, we advocate for inclusivity. From IEP consulting to online tutoring for IEP students, it’s our goal to pave an individualized educational path for your child.


IEP Consulting FAQ

Advocacy means taking action in favor of a specific cause. In special education, advocates fight for accommodations, classroom supports, and inclusion. Advocates can be parents or professionals. Special Ed Resource offers a guidance program to help parents understand IEPs.

A specific learning disability is one that affects your child’s ability to understand different aspects of language. Children may face challenges reading, writing, speaking, listening, or doing math. A sample IEP learning disability is dyscalculia. Kids with this disability struggle to make sense of numbers.

No, but kids with autism should have an IEP. IEP stands for individualized education program. It’s a document that breaks down goals and accommodations for children with disabilities. For example, it may require that a child receives extra time to take tests or IEP free tutoring.

IEP accommodations vary from child to child. Some of the most common accommodations include extra time to take tests, extended deadlines for assignments, or fewer questions on exams. An IEP may also dictate time spent in GenEd classrooms or free tutoring for IEP students.

No, but if your child has ADHD, they can (and should) receive an IEP. ADHD qualifies as an IEP learning disability, meaning kids with the disorder can receive accommodations to help them overcome challenges. Some accommodations a kid with ADHD might receive are extra time to complete assignments or permission to use fidget devices during class. Special Ed Resource also provides online IEP tutoring to help individuals with ADHD excel.