We Exist For YOU!
Here’s the painful truth


The system does NOT care about you!


The system is NOT designed for you!


The system even intentionally excludes you!

Special Ed Resource

That’s the problem…

The world has completely changed from the industrial age, I mean… everything is different.

Yet, our children are still taught using the same methods that have been around for generations…

True change is up to the individual teacher every single time…

If students are to actually be taught utilizing the newest technology… teachers are forced to use their own resources in both time and money…

Look, this is a very heavy topic, I get it… 

Special Ed Resource

I’ve struggled with this myself day in and day out…

I have two kids, seven and five… and so far, we’ve been blessed to have extraordinary teachers in their academic lives.


Now, listen closely to this…


Did you catch that?

I just said that our kids have had extraordinary teachers, BUT… we have had to supplement their learning through our online tutoring programs and one-on-one intensive teaching!


Because the system is not set up for individualized learning at the capacity, it NEEDS to be… STILL!

Through the use of technology, individualized learning has NEVER been easier, never been more accessible, and never been more cost-effective then it is now… however, the school system has NOT adapted. 

Our daughter is seven and not challenged enough in class. 

She is capable of reading much higher level books and capable of multiplication, division, and higher grade level math…

The school system doesn’t have anything for her… so, she gets bored.

What happens when kids get bored… they find ways to entertain themselves.

What happens when kids entertain themselves in school?

They get into trouble because they are breaking the plane of what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

It becomes THEIR fault, and the journey toward a lowered or broken self-esteem begins.

Our son is five and was diagnosed with both Autism and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy…

His needs are the complete opposite of my daughters…

He needs additional help in moving back toward grade level.

His teacher is incredible, but overworked, and spread thin…

I know the frustrations you feel, I understand the stress and the hardships you face…

Why, because I am there too.

I’m not a certified educator…

I didn’t go to school to learn how the system works…

But I am lucky enough to be surrounded by special education experts, including my wife and our team of the best educators this country has to offer!

So when I don’t understand something, our children go through… I ask questions.

I ask questions until I have a clear understanding of the answer.

Let me repeat that because it’s the single most important piece of advice I can offer you… ever.

I ask questions UNTIL I have a CLEAR understanding of the answer.

Then, in my case, I take that answer and create a YouTube video or blog post for you.

You then have the ability to get the question … and the answer, but simplified in a way that us parents understand…

There are hundreds of resources found on our website,, and on our YouTube channel that were created to help parents JUST LIKE YOU understand the cryptic language of special education.

Because you cannot fight in an arena when you don’t know the rules.

You can’t win in a game when you don’t understand a word the other team says.

From thousands of acronyms to phrases, and dozens of tests… the entire thing was designed to be one-sided…

Spoiler alert!

You aren’t supposed to be on the winning side!

But now you can!

  • Watch our videos
  • Interact with our community
  • Read the articles
  • Take advantage of the assistance we offer both in;
    • Online tutoring and
    • Proper IEP creation

It’s all here… for you!

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, send me a personal email, and I will find you the answers you need.

Remember, continue asking questions until YOU fully understand the answer…

You got this… and we will be there every step of the way.

Thank you…

Now go get em!!!!