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End The School Year With Success

*Limited Time Promotion*

Allow Your Child To Have The Confidence They Deserve!

End Of The School Year Promotion

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What You Receive

  • 25% Off Unlimited Tutoring Sessions*
  • Payment Options Available
  • Missed Appointments Are Rescheduled At Your Convenience
  • First 4 To Enroll Will Also Receive An Added Bonus (Comprehensive IEP Evaluation) A $200 Value, Yours Free!

*Qualifying Tutoring Sessions Only (All Sessions Between Time Of Enrollment And The End Of The Regular School Year… June 15th at the latest). Specific discount will be discussed during the consultation call as all children’s needs are different, thus all tutoring packages are unique. End Of The Regular School Year Cannot Be Combined With Any Other Offers.

Secure My Spot Now!

What We Ask

  • Provide Feedback (We Are Always Looking For Ways To Better Serve Our Students, Your Feedback Is A Vital Part Of That)
  • Work WITH Us (The More Repetition Children Receive, The More Success Is Inevitable)
  • Communicate (Clearly Communicating Goals, Milestones, Steps, Challenges And Successes Helps All People Involved… Especially Children)

Secure My Spot Now!

There Are Only 10 Total Spots Available!

Ends 3/25/16 @ 11:59PM EDT

Secure My Spot Now!

Q. Why is there a time limit on this promotion?
A. Changing the course of an entire semester isn’t the easiest task. With an average of 7-8 weeks remaining in the school year, we are confident significant change is not only possible, but probable. Waiting beyond this time period greatly diminishes how much your child’s grades can be positively impacted.

Q. How many hours per week are required to maximize the opportunity of success?
A. First and foremost, EVERY child is different. An average of 3 or 4 sessions a week with a trained special education expert will greatly increase the likelihood of success by the end of the school year. Many factors increase just how much success is possible, mainly an increase in parental involvement (working in parallel to the special education tutor).

Q. Why are you only allowing for 10 spots in this promotion?
A. The answer to this question is simple. We never, EVER want to overload our tutoring network, especially all within a short span. Through careful planning (and learning from past experiences)… we found that 10 is the maximum number of new students that can be safely enrolled quickly in this intensive program without diminishing their learning process.

Q. What can I expect from this special program?
A. The best answer to this question is one word; CONFIDENCE! If you are even considering a program like this, chances are your child isn’t doing too hot in school, and thus it’s likely to assume, their self-confidence has taken a rather large hit as well. Winning at something (grades, school, a singular test, etc.) creates significant momentum which will help propel your child well beyond a 2 month program.

Q. By filling out the form, am I locked into this program?
A. No. By filling out the form, your name is simply placed on a list securing your spot. Every situation is different AND every child has unique needs. We will always have a consultation call first to ensure tutoring is the best course of action for your child. If it’s determined that tutoring is not the best option to ensure success at this time, we will point you in the right direction and move to the next person on the list. If tutoring is the best choice, we will work together on a plan to successfully reach your child’s goals.

Q. Is there a contract for this program?
A. Absolutely not. Like all of our tutoring programs, we firmly believe that when progress is shown (and fun is being had), children naturally want to continue learning. If at any time goals are reached, or progress stops we will do everything we can to point you and your child toward a different course to ensure continued development. For the most part, contracts are created to hold someone to something even if they become dissatisfied. We work extremely hard to ensure children’s success through opportunity, and let the results keep the relationship going.

Q. What if we decide to continue tutoring after the program is over?
A. Summer programs (such as private ESY) can help your child immensely! A long break from the traditional classroom is the perfect time to focus on specific skills (reading, math, etc.). Being able to bring a child up to their grade level in a specific subject will help set them up for lifelong success, boost their self-confidence, and put them on a path toward their dreams! We can discuss this in much more detail when the time comes πŸ™‚

Q. Okay, I filled out the form… now what?
A. Expect to hear from me within 24 hours after you submit the form. At that time, we will discuss the specific needs, goals and learning style of your child. If together we determine that tutoring is the best course of action, a plan will be created and sessions will begin as quickly as the next day.

Bottom line, you literally have nothing to lose with this program. At the very least, you will be able to have your toughest questions answered during the complementary consultation call. You have the ability to save money while helping to ensure your child enters the summer months with the confidence they deserve! Don’t wait… take advantage of this limited time offer!

Secure My Spot Now!

Think Differently About Education.

We Believe…

All children are born with the innate ability to reach their OWN excellence.

That a growing group of children don’t fully prosper in overpopulated classrooms.

Through technology and one on one learning, their future path to success can be made clear again.