Stop Allowing the school system to be your only option...

It's time your child began a new journey toward, academic success and self-confidence!

In as little as one-hour per week!

ESY (Extended School Year); The Facts

One-On-One ESY Benefits;

Maintain Information Learned Throughout The School Year

Enhance Areas Of Academic Struggle

Boost Child’s Self Confidence

All In As Little As 2 Hours A WEEK

Done ANYWHERE Internet Is Available

How Do You Know If Your Child Would Benefit From ESY?

First, Ask Yourself These Questions;

Does Your Child Struggle To Learn In School?

Is Your Child Behind A Grade Level (Or More) In A Specific Subject?

Does Your Child Get Frustrated With Homework? Studying?

As A Parent, Do You Feel Lost Not Knowing How To Help Your Child Gain Their Confidence Back?

Are You Worried About Next School Year Since Your Child Is Already Behind?

If You Answered YES To Any Of The Questions Above,
Your Child Would Most Certainly Benefit From One-On-One ESY!

Common Summer Break Myths;

Taking The Entire Summer Off From Academics Will Refresh A Child For The Next School Year.

FALSE – Taking A Long Break From Anything Learned Leads To Information Loss. According To An Article Written By Dr. Griffin, The Founder Of Eagle Hill School, Children That Don’t Continue Working On Skills Learned During A School Year Can Be Set Back As Much As 3-4 Months When School Resumes In The Fall!

We Can’t Fit One-On-One Learning Into Our Summer Plans.

FALSE – Unless You’re Going To A Cave That Doesn’t Have Internet Access For The Entire Summer. Our Private One-On-One ESY Sessions Are Conducted Online! Wherever Internet Access Is Available, Learning Can Happen!

Too Much Time Will Be Eaten Up Forcing My Child To Do School Work.

FALSE – In As Little As 2 Hours A WEEK, Your Child’s Skill Level Can Actually IMPROVE And Information Loss Halted!

My Child HATES School And Wants Nothing To Do With It Over The Summer.

TRUE (Maybe) – Most Children We Have The Opportunity To Work With Are Less Than Excited About School (To Put It Mildly)! However, Our Method Of One-On-One Online Instruction Is Made Fun And Is Different Than A Classroom Setting. Our Average Student Continues Learning With Their Tutor For Just Over A Year And Leaves Only Because They’re Back At Grade Level Or Above!


Information Loss Occurs During Long Academic Breaks

Combining Summer Fun AND Learning CAN Happen

Great Progress Can Be Made In As Little As 2 Hours A Week!

Confidence Can Be The New Norm For Your Child When They Start School Again Next Year!

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