6 Reasons Why Online Tutoring is the Best


His parents had tried everything…

  • Extra classes
  • College student tutoring
  • Additional help from the teacher
  • They even tried to teach them the concepts themselves at home…

But nothing worked…

Their son’s grades just kept slipping to the point he would have to repeat the 3rd grade.

We see this happening far too many times.

The public school system is just not prepared to meet the academic needs of all the students today.

Somehow his parents found us.

Their son wasn’t just behind; he had learning disabilities.

Even though they were hesitant at first (how could online tutoring work)… his parents decided to give us a try!

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That was two years ago, and his story is now completely rewritten!

He is no longer failing! He also feels so much more confident at school.

Online tutoring can make all the difference. Here are six reasons why online tutoring is best resource for helping your child with his education.


6 Reasons Why Online Tutoring is the Best

#1 Convenience


One of the benefits of online tutoring is that as the client you get to make it convenient for you. You can pick when you’d like your tutoring sessions to be held as well as where.


Students often find it is difficult to commit to a set tutoring schedule.  Situations like added travel time and unanticipated delays can throw off your schedule.


Besides, even if there is a consistent tutoring session booked, it may not always correspond with a particularly challenging school project or a future exam. When having an online tutor, a student can receive help on a 24/7 schedule, even if it’s at 11 PM or 7 AM on the day of your exam.


#2 Diversity


When a student struggles in more than one academic subject area, online tutoring is more beneficial. In most cases, your geometry tutor won’t be able to assist a student with their English homework.


Most online tutors can tutor in more than one academic subject area. So, if a student’s educational needs change throughout the week or school year, the online tutor can shift their focus on any academic area requiring attention.


#3 Online Tutoring Prepares for the Future


We live in a digital age. Similar to how we get around (Lyft), see movies (Netflix), stay in touch with friends (Facebook), sync our appointments (Google calendar), and change how we are learning (online).


Having students participate in online tutoring helps students to adapt to the digital age and prepare them for the future. Company meetings, interviews, and meetings with co-workers will likely all be held online in 2025.


Having students participate more and more with activities that take place in an online format will only prepare them more for the digital age to come.


#4 Fewer Distractions


Students often learn more efficiently when they are not sitting in a learning center or a classroom. Online programs permit students to exercise their math abilities in the luxury of their home, minus distractions from outside sources.


The familiar setting assists students to feel more at ease and also more interested in learning.


#5 Exclusive Personalization


Furthermore, online tutoring sessions are held one-on-one with the student. The sessions are personalized to the student and what they need help with at the time.


These sessions are not just time that is spent in a learning center or classroom. Instead of teachers or tutors who lead a study session that compromises several students, your child will be able to have the exclusive attention of a committed tutor.


#6 Safe Zone


Is your child experiencing academic struggles because they are too shy to ask for further clarification on topics they are struggling with in class?


Online learning offers anonymity, which can offer a “safe zone” for these shy students. Students who boost their levels of self-confidence through online learning ultimately start to ask more questions and ensure their understanding of academic material in class as well.


Which one of these reasons would online tutoring benefit your child most? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. I honestly never thought about online tutoring but this could be exactly what my daughter needs for extra math support.

  2. I did a bit of online schooling when I was in high school and loved how coinvent it was, plus you get to work in your PJ’s!

  3. I think we’re going to be seeing this become more and more common. It’s so convenient to do it from the comfort of home!

  4. I have learnt so much about online courses than I do in school. I just love it. And I agree with everything written on this post.

  5. This sounds like a really great option to have. It would be convenient and easy to fit into our schedule.

  6. I never thought of online tutoring before. These are all great ideas of why it works better! Our boys (both neurodiverse) just moved to a micro-school where a lot of the learning is online. I wasn’t a fan at first but it’s turning out to be a great fit. One of my sons is already a great higher than he was in traditional school and is sensory meltdowns are all gone! I think he feels FREE that he can now go at his own pace.

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