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A group of five diverse teenagers sitting on a basketball court, smiling and posing together, with a basketball on the floor. Text overlay reads '51 Executive Functioning Activities for Teens' and ' '
Parenting Tips

51 Executive Functioning Activities for Teens

As teenagers navigate the complexities of adolescence, developing strong executive functioning skills becomes crucial for their academic and personal success. These skills incorporate a range of cognitive processes that enable teens to

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A frustrated young boy sits on a couch at home in front of a laptop, hand on forehead, with papers and a book spread out on a desk. Above him is the question 'What is Executive Function Disorder in Children?' on a blue overlay, with the logo for at the bottom right.
Special Education Defined

What is Executive Function Disorder in Children?

Eight-year-old Andy always seemed a step behind in class. Despite being bright and creative, his school reports noted he often forgot his homework, struggled to follow multi-step instructions, and became

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