10 Benefits Of Special Education Tutoring For Children With Learning Disabilities

Ten Benefits Of Special Education Tutoring For Children With Learning Disabilities

Is special education tutoring for children with learning disabilities worth a try?

He was failing, everything…

Long gone were the days of asking for help, now, instead he mostly just sat in the back of the room and stared out the window.

He was a GHOST…

A kid who was overlooked by everyone, his peers, his friends, and even his teachers.

He felt alone.

Similarly, his parents were stressed, frustrated, and lost.

They both wanted NOTHING in life more than their son to be happy, confident, and excited about his future…

Mostly, they just fought now.

Each with different ideas on how to “jumpstart” their son again…

In the beginning, they worked together.

But as he fell further and further behind academically, hope began to slip away… soon desperation took its place.

Even though they tried “everything.”

Taking parenting courses, local tutoring from the kid down the block, trying to teach him themselves, talking to the teachers, principal, and other school staff…

Still, nothing changed.

This story is far too typical today…

Children slipping through the cracks of an antiquated school system, not prepared to help the vast spectrum of needs today’s children have…

Somehow, somewhere… these parents found us.

You see, their son wasn’t JUST depressed and behind… he had learning disabilities too.

Though they were hesitant at first (how could anything online actually work)… they decided to try it!

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This was two years ago, and his story is now completely rewritten!

No more struggle, no more frustration, and no more loneliness!

Is everything easy for him now?


However, he’s confident, and understands so much about himself and his learning needs … he can manage challenges.

Why Special Education Tutoring For Children With Learning Disabilities?

Special education tutoring is one of the most valuable services that a parent can secure for a child who lives with a learning disability.

Children with learning disabilities are often overwhelmed by the difficulties they face in a group-learning environment.

Moreover, these children are additionally tasked with the challenge of completing a range of standardized tests. Often, these tests are structured in direct opposition to how they confront and process information.

Special education tutoring can help pave the way to academic success whether your child is dealing with;

Following are ten ways that students with learning disabilities can benefit from special education tutoring.


1. Helps Children Focus On Their Challenges

Attempting to process information and maintain pace with the rest of the class can be challenging.

As teachers and peers move on to new ideas and skills, students with special needs often find themselves in a state of panic. This is especially true when children learn new lessons that build upon previously presented information.

When children have access to special education tutoring, they’ll have:

  • Ample opportunity to revisit challenging subject matter
  • Use new strategies for accurately conceptualizing and comprehending these topics
  • Prepare to advance into related and more complex materials

Ultimately, rather than falling behind in class, children can take part in special education tutoring at the end of the day or week. This will give them a chance to catch and keep up.

2. Helps Children Grow Comfortable In Seeking Help

Working with educators who understand their unique needs helps children feel more comfortable about their learning methods.

Furthermore, special education tutoring helps alter how they approach the learning process. But also these sessions allow students to get a deeper understanding of themselves and how their minds function.

Children can better ask for help when they need it. They can also be more effective in advocating instructional and test-taking methods to improve their lifelong learning experiences.

For older teens preparing for higher education, this ability to advocate for themselves will later prove invaluable.


3. Easily Match Students With Educators Who Understand Their Disabilities

It is not uncommon for special education tutoring services to pair students with educators who live with the same or similar learning disabilities.

Furthermore, these tutors often have the best ability to recommend effective strategies for things such as:

  • Overcoming learning obstacles
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Dealing with testing frustration and anxiety


4. Help To Identify Individual Learning Styles

If an Individualized Education Plan or IEP doesn’t yet exist, special education tutoring is most effective when tutors can assist students in identifying their individual learning styles.

At Special Education Resource, our tutors all hold degrees in various special education fields of study and specialize in molding the curriculum your child is currently learning to fit their specific learning style.


5. Help To Identify The Best Test-Taking Strategies

Children take tests differently when they have learning disorders such as;

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Language Processing Trouble
  • ADHD
  • Dyslexia

Sadly, in many instances, there is little opportunity to approach the testing process in a way that is optimally suited to the needs of the individual.

Special education tutoring services can structure test prep to best meet the needs of those who cannot sit through hour-long sessions of reviews. 

Moreover, tutors can help students prepare for unexpected questions, such as open-ended questions or having more than one correct answer.


6. Tutoring For Children With Learning Disabilities Can Alleviate Testing Anxiety

Having access to strategies that children can use when they encounter unexpected questions or dramatic changes in test-taking routines can alleviate students’ anxiety during these processes.

With special education tutoring, teens can confront important exams such as the SAT with confidence and a sense of preparedness.


7. Helps To Secure Special Testing Accommodations

As teens prepare to take pre-college examinations, these children and their parents need to clearly understand which testing accommodations are available in every instance.

For example, special education tutoring services can help people learn more about the guidelines for these special accommodations and about how to use these to the fullest.


8. Tutoring For Children With Learning Disabilities Builds Confidence

Children with learning disabilities who receive special education tutoring services tend to be far more comfortable in the learning environment than those who do not.

This comfort can lead to fewer behavioral issues and fewer problems with;

  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Frustration
  • Anxiety

On the other hand, children who receive special education tutoring year-round, rather than just before major testing seasons, often experience the most progress.


9. Students Learn New Strategies To Aid In Their Comprehension

One of the significant hurdles that teens must make is discovering how to become and remain accountable for their learning needs when entering the college environment.

Special education tutoring services do more than prepare kids for pre-college examinations. These professionals also help young learners develop the strategies and skills they need to succeed in higher education.


10. Prepares Students For Lifelong Success

Ultimately, special education tutoring services help children develop the best possible understanding of their learning disabilities and needs.

Special education tutoring can provide children tips and tools for overcoming differences in learning methods, particularly when confronting new materials in-group environments. 

We are priming them for success during the formative stages of the learning process, in college and beyond the campus.

With the help of special education tutoring services, students can rise above their learning disabilities and pursue and attain their personal and professional goals and excellence.


Is Tutoring Right for Your Child With Learning Disabilities?

The next step is finding out if special education tutoring is the correct answer for your child’s needs. Start by requesting a free consultation with one of our special education tutors.

The process is simple; however, the effects could have a lasting impact on your child’s future. The consultation is free, and there’s no obligation to sign up for any services.

At the very least, you will have the ability to finally receive some much-needed answers and receive professional guidance to help your child with special needs reach their excellence.




A boy doing his schoolwork at home online with his special education tutoring for children with learning disabilities program.
10 benefits of special education tutoring for children with learning disabilities to stop the frustration and get the help they need.

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  1. We are very interested in seekingI help for our 8 year-old daughter, who has transitioned into a special ed class and new school, as of 12/2015. She has suffered trauma from past abuse (sexually molested by relative at the age of 3 1/2 years old). She is a strong survivor, who struggles with severe ADHD, PTSD, and has been labeled with Emotional Disturbance. She is currently taking Ritalin in the morning and at lunch time to maintain her complianceI to school standards and recommendations requested by the IEP guidelines. She has made significant imorovements, but struggles with her learning disabilities due to her past trauma. She is in 2nd grade and functioning at a 1st grade level. Math is her stronger subject and reading is her weakest study. We are working with her on the Sam I Am Beginners Books and she is doing well. Our older son is the complete opposite and although he has also suffered trauma from past abuse, he is able to excelI at a vast rate. We would likeI to seek tutoring for her with someone who is kind, patient, and empathetic to her needs. We would likevto schedule a free consultation to discuss the bestI options for her immediately.

  2. I have advocated for my son yo receive tutoring at our local college’s Literacy clinic ss well as some on-line, state accredited courseeork. My son is acsenior and attends high school half day for English, math and reading intervention. The other half consists of tutoring one day, physcial therapy (earning PE credit) two days and meeting with his therapist one affternoon. Supplemented with on-line curriculum of US history, health and algebra. I think asking that this special education tutoring be providedcafter school and. Solely on the weekends is too much for them…they need these supports provided during the school day when they are able to receive the greatest benefit.

    • Cheryl… First, thank you so much for reaching out to us! Your question is amazing, however the answer depends so much on the child! Every child in this world learns differently and we strive to teach each student in the way they learn best. A great first step would be a consultation call to help lay the groundwork toward success! I will send you an email with the specifics. Thank you again Cheryl!

  3. I found the best tutor . My son is improving in all areas of academics. He receives 2 solid hours of 1:1 per weeks. I’m all for tutoring. Large classes with less aides mean less learning !

    • Mary… Please check your email inbox, you should have received more information on first steps! Thank you so much!

  4. I would like to obtain special education tutoring for my adult son. He was never afforded many of the above helps while in school. In particular determining his individual learning style and strategies to aid in comprehension. He still enjoys learning and is capable of such. Any suggestions for us?

    • Patti… I did send an email a while back, as I’m confident we can assist you! We work with quite a few adult students and have witnessed some great success! When you have a chance, please send me an email so that we can set up a time to connect. [email protected] Thank you so much Patti!

  5. How do you know if your child’s in a special education classroom, if the programs they are using is a good one and yes, my son has made progress and has met his IEP goals. I just would like to know how to get the school to change his program. I am not familiar with Horizons “Learning to Read” this is what he works on for reading but what about Math? What are good services for my son in this area, such as tablet, I pad, writing

    • Trisha… I sent an email a while back regarding your questions. I would LOVE to discuss options and hopefully help get both you and him on a defined path toward success! Please email me when you have a moment so we can set up a time to chat… [email protected] Thank you Trisha!

  6. I have a 21 year old that needs help in studying for a licensing w
    Exam. Do you work with students past college with learning disablities or can you send me to someone who works with young adults? This population is very ignored. After all young special Ed students grow up into hopefully adults who need to compete with nurotypical adults. We need help…

    • Robin… I sent you an email a bit ago regarding your quest to find assistance for your son. I hope you received that email as we do work with adults as well! Please send me an email if you can, and let’s set up a time to chat. [email protected] Thank you so much Robin!

  7. Hi,

    My son has autism, ADHD, and significant sensory processing disorder which create enormous challenges for him in the school setting. The school is struggling horrifically to figure out how to educate him, but because they are not set up for kiddos with special needs and don’t have the resources to do too many modifications of the environment, and haven’t really been able to have success with him educationally or behabiorally, they placed him on a shortened day, now he is on homebound. We are in dispute over the way they have used restraints and suspensions in the absence of a behavioral plan…bottom line he is a smart kid, 14 years old but with a 3rd/4th grade level education. I am anxious to explore ways to help him get caught up to where I know he is capable of being. Just wondering how your services work? Solely in the school setting? Do you offer anything for Homebound students? Thanks.

    • Annette… I’m confident we can help your son reach his excellence! Please check your inbox for an email to get started… thank you so much Annette!

    • Thank you so much for reaching out Kelly! Please be on the lookout for an email from our Director Of Tutoring Services, Diana. She will be reaching out to you shortly with some ideas and guidance to help ensure your child gets the assistance they deserve! Thank you again Kelly!

  8. I agree with that, special education kids needs tutoring after schooll, that’s is a great idea to prepare those kids for a better future.

    • Felicita… One-on-one assistance makes SUCH a MASSIVE impact in children’s lives!!! Thank you for taking the time to comment!

  9. Do you work with autism children my son stuggle with got the pass ten years and I need understand why does autism part of the brain block his true potential to learn he is high function with autism.

  10. My child needs alot of help with comprehension testing math communicating in the classroom and outside the classroom he has anxiety ADHD sensory and Asperger’s hard for him to stay focused on anything

  11. That is a great post and as a mother of a child who has ADHD and a learning disability, this post really hit close to my heart. I tried telling his teachers all that information and they just don’t get it. I know some teachers only get an hour of special education learning or whatever it may be but schools need to keep training the teachers because children are in special education more now than ever and they still are not being taught.

  12. I like how you said tutoring can help children come up with strategies when coming to a change or question on a test. Math wasn’t a strong point when I was in school, so I got a math tutor. From them, I was able to learn to take things slowing, and find ways that helped my brain work through difficult problems.

  13. One of my best friends has a child who has learning disabilities, so I’ve been doing some research for her on some tips for helping her daughter learn. I had no idea that students with disorders like ADHD often take tests differently than other kids. It seems to me like the proper education and student care can really help them learn in school. I’ll be sure to share this with my friend!

  14. Hi,
    I have a 6 yrs old who will be entering kindergarten. She is developmentally delayed and has receptive and expressive disorder. She also has auditory issues. She has an iep, however, Iam at a loss at which way to go as far as education. My only option is inclusive classroom education or small isolated? Iam really interested in homeschooling with assistance from a tutor. The one on one is exactly what she needs especially since she has seperation issues . Any advise would be great..

  15. You were a writing a tutor’s advantages in this blog are the very beneficial for the children. Having every single point written on the blog is good. I liked reading your blog and got the right information. Thanks for such post and please keep it up.

  16. Hello Suzie Dalien

    Education is an indispensable part of our life without which It’s difficult to become a perfect human being. It is responsible to deliver every knowledge & skills along with the change in positive attitude to have better quality of life.

  17. I am looking for a tutor to help my son aged 15 he has autism,learning difficulties attends special school and December last year was diagnosed with audio processing disorder that the school had not picked up on My Son is leaving school this year and still only reads at a age 6 he was reading at a age 6 when he started the school

  18. Hello, I have a 8 year old son that is on the spectrum (high functiong). He is in the 2nd grade and reads on a 1st grade level. I am concerned that if I don’t find the appropriate help/intervention for him now, that “academic” gap will widen. Do you have a list of tutors in particular areas, that you normally recommend?

  19. Thank you for pointing out that children with learning disabilities that receive tutoring tend to be more comfortable in the educational environment. My son has ADHD and we have been wanting to get him into a special program. I think I need to do some research and find something in my area.

  20. this article has be beneficial to me. i read and share it with colleagues. as educators dealing with special need is considered a privilege we get to explore so many things and at the end of the day make a difference in someone’s life.

  21. I like how you mentioned that a tutor will work with the special needs student at their own pace. I’ve also heard that their are schools specifically for those with special needs, so that may be another option for the more social child. My cousin has autism, so his mom is trying to figure out if she should get him a tutor or not. I’ll share this article with her, so she can make a great decision.

  22. I agree that it’s very valuable if a parent chooses to get special education tutoring for her child with a learning disability as it helps the child’s whole mental, social, and emotional development. Thanks for highlighting the benefits of such an education. In the event that I will meet a parent with a child that needs special care, then I will suggest getting this important education.

  23. I really like how special education tutoring helps kids with a learning disability. It’s a good thing that you highlighted how these type of educating hone these kids to learn the normal way. My sister’s son has learning difficulties, I will suggest her to try enrolling her to special education classes to help him further.

  24. I’m glad to learn that infants with disabilities feel more comfortable learning with those who suffer the same abilities. My nephew suffers from Dyslexia and is having difficulties adapting to his elementary. I will advise my sister to seek for a special education program to help my nephew with his education.

  25. It was awesome to read that touters could help children develop their skills to engage in getting higher education. My sister so has ADHD, and she wants to take out of school. I will suggest she find an online program that will help with the learning and her kid’s condition too.

  26. Special education tutoring for students with disabilities can drastically change their learning experience! Thanks for sharing these top 10 benefits of special education tutoring.

  27. My aunt has noticed that her oldest is having some trouble in school, and she wants to get her some extra help in order to help her achieve her potential. Figuring out what would help her the most, and then going to a professional to get some supplemental education could be the best option for her. Thanks for explaining how she should feel comfortable coming forward and asking for help, which could help her improve when taking tests.

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