4 Expert New School Year Secrets

4 Expert New School Year Secrets

School supplies have been purchased…

New clothes have been washed, hung up and ready to go…

For many children, the excitement of a new school year has led to some added stress for parents.

Because in many cases, this time of year brings an array of


Nevertheless, we trudge forward as the day FINALLY arrives!

The start of a new school year can be an exciting and possibly a stressful time as children transition between grades, new teachers are assigned, and perhaps new IEP teams are formed.

As the first day of the new school year approaches, you may be wondering how to successfully help your child as they prepare for the new year.

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4 Expert New School Year Secrets

There are several ways that this can be accomplished, including;

  • Refreshing You And Your Child’s Memory On Goals
  • Practice Goals And Skills
  • Meeting The Teachers
  • Setting Up An Initial Meeting With The IEP Team

Let’s dive into each of these areas a little further!

1: Goals and Practice

Most likely, at the end of the school year or sometime before that, an IEP meeting was held with your child’s school.

During this meeting, the team worked together to create measurable and appropriate goals for your child by;

  • Reviewing Any Testing Data
  • Reviewing Classroom Data
  • Reviewing Teacher And Parent Input

If you were able to support your student over the summer with these goals, it might be a great idea to jot down your thoughts on their progress.

It may also be very beneficial for your child to brush up on some skills that they were working on before summer break. Having this refresher course and having this knowledge of where your child is functioning is very valuable to the teachers and members of an IEP team.

2: Meeting the new teachers/team

As the school year gets started, all members of the team need to meet and begin the work of relationship building.

As a parent, it’s vital to advocate for your child, and a close partnership with the school, you are a critical member that can help build a positive relationship.

It is always beneficial to meet the new teachers that will be working with your child. Next, it may be helpful and in your child’s best interest to have the IEP team come together in order to;

  • Establish Where Your Child Is Currently Functioning
  • Revisit Services Currently Being Utilized
  • Rewrite Goals If Necessary

If you’ve been involved with outside services such as Special Needs Tutoring, make sure to relay any progress made to the IEP team.

3: New Goal Progress

Parents need to remember that progress towards goals take time.

If you do not see your child making progress immediately, do not panic! Instead, connect with the school about how you can best support them in their work at school along with helping them at home.

After a few weeks, typically six weeks if your child is still not making progress towards the goals that have been established then it is always appropriate for a meeting to be held in order to discuss your child’s progress and services.

4: Positive Attitudes Create Positive Outcomes

It is always helpful to remain positive no matter the situation!

You know your child the best so always lead with kindness and do what is right on behalf of your child! Remember a school team is just that, a team and therefore everyone needs to work together to help your child succeed, meet their goals, and be an excellent member of society!

We wish you a wonderful school year!

What other steps do you usually take at the beginning of a school year?

Leave a comment below!

~ Laura

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