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Everyone needs some help in life, whether we like to admit it or not. This might come in the form of financial assistance; mental health counseling or educational advancement but we all need a little something extra from time to time. Those with learning disabilities need specialized attention that most traditional schools are not available to provide, which can leave you feeling helpless in the face of mounting educational goals. Luckily, there’s now online special education tutoring to help you go the extra mile in school and life.

Most learning disabilities are diagnosed when we are small children, however sometimes they go unnoticed until the teenage years are upon us. Sometimes it’s not until we’re fully functioning adults that problems come to the forefront as we try to maneuver through the sea of life. This is why it’s important to work closely with your children now to ensure their educational needs are being met at every turn.

Learning Disabilities in Children

Special education comes in many forms – mental, physical or emotional – and, without proper diagnosis, can make children come across as “lazy” or undisciplined. In actuality, there is an extenuating circumstance in which the child might not be able to control their actions. When there is a struggle in life, no matter what it’s about, you tend to become frustrated and angry when you can’t come to a viable solution. Now imagine a child that has an issue with numbers and letters, but is trying to learn in a fast-paced classroom environment – you get a child that acts out in anger, or makes jokes of himself to gain some laughs, in order to skirt the real problem at hand.

Learning disabilities have been found to be hereditary; it seems that your genetic makeup harbors secrets you might not know that are passed on to your children. Variations in the development of certain regions in our brain affect not only how we learn but how our offspring learn, too. Studies on this subject date back to the 1800’s when differences in brain matter during autopsies called into question the entire structure of our mind. It wasn’t only until recent advancements in technology made it possible for us to study the brain in depth that we learned there was a whole category of the mind we were missing: the part that makes you learn differently than others.

Studies have also shown that the environment in which we spend our first nine months of gestation can have a significant impact on learning disabilities later on in life. Factors like cigarette smoke, drugs or alcohol exposure can lead to impaired cognitive function when it comes to school subjects like reading or math, writing, and even social skills. ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, affects 4 out of 5 kids in the United States, and studies have proven that this learning disability can be directly traced back to prenatal exposure to cigarette smoke.

Special education tutoring was developed to help fill a need that wasn’t being met in schooling standards across the nation, as children were introduced to the idea of a “one size fits all” way of learning. As the economy grew during the 1950’s and ‘60s, so did our general population – and so did our schools. More children meant bigger classrooms and more teachers, which eventually led to less funding and less time to educate young minds.

All of those factors combined, usually, meant that children with special needs were overlooked and treated as difficult, when in fact it was the way education was poorly structured. When this realization came about, a new sector in the industry was created to help those children with special needs overcome their learning challenges. It thrived for a few decades before the demand on our current educational system led to a significant crack in the infrastructure; when this occurred, special education tutoring went largely by the wayside.

With the advent of the internet, though, a whole world of special education opened up the way we learn and revolutionized special education tutoring once again.

Where to Find Special Education Resources

A simple Google search for “resources for special education” comes up with a variety of websites that provide information on how to tutor a child with a learning disability. Gone are the days of intense research into a burgeoning clinical discovery, as the world’s information is at your fingertips.

A child that learns at home might feel more comfortable in a small setting rather than a crowded classroom. This makes online special education tutoring a great way to teach children with learning disabilities that might otherwise struggle in a traditional school environment. If your child can handle learning in the classroom but needs a little extra attention outside of school, special education tutoring can be your best friend in times of need.

Supplemental education is often needed to reach certain goals in life, but there is a stigma surrounding people with learning disabilities who require special assistance. They are often seen as “lesser” people than those without an issue, thus treated differently. Special Education Resources realizes that every child learns at a different pace and seeks to remove the negative connotation from the phrase “special education.” While also giving parents and educators everything they need to help their children progress to the fullest potential despite specific learning barriers.

A one-on-one custom tutoring plan can help a child learn the way they’re supposed to, with the individualized attention they can’t get in a fast-paced classroom. A special education tutor takes the curriculum your child is currently learning at school and molds it to fit their individual learning needs. As we learn more information about learning disabilities and how they affect our brain, as more studies are funded to solve these mysteries of the mind, the less special education tutoring will seem like a step back in life and more like a hand up.

Encourage your children to strive for the very best, no matter what. Education is the single most important resource in our life; use it to the fullest!

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Author Luke Dalien has spent his life dedicated to helping others break the chains of normal so that they may live fulfilled lives. When he’s not busy creating books aimed to bring a smile to the faces of children, he and his amazing wife, Suzie, work tirelessly on their joint passion; helping children with special needs reach their excellence. Together, they founded an online tutoring and resource company, Poetry, which had been a personal endeavor of Luke’s for the better part of two decades, was mainly reserved for his beautiful wife, and their two amazing children, Lily and Alex. With several “subtle nudges” from his family, Luke finally decided to share his true passion in creativity with the world through his first children’s book series, “The Adventures Of The Silly Little Beaver."

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