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Many parents look to online resources in order to help their child be successful throughout the school year along with skill maintenance over the summer.

Many times when parents start “surfing” the internet for resources, they get overwhelmed because there are a large number of websites, and parents have no idea where to begin or which website is reliable.

When researching online resources, it is essential for the parent to be able to see the end results as well as the progress along the way. Below is a list of online resources that may be helpful for your child to maintain academic skills.

5 Great Educational Resources Online;

1. IXL

IXL : This site includes resources from PreK-12th including Spanish.

Within each grade level, there is a variety of subject areas to focus on. The activities are broken down in each academic area. It is in real time so you can watch your child’s progress from any place if he/she is currently working in a specific area. It will also provide immediate feedback if the answer that was input was incorrect. This allows the student to be able to see how to solve the problem correctly.

Problems are adjusted based on your child’s needs. This program is not free, but it does allow you ten free problems per day.

2. Study Island

Study Island: This site helps your child learn and master Math, English, and Science Skills.

This program helps your child catch up or stay ahead while reinforcing what has already been learned. It has three different session types:

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  • Lesson
  • Practice Mode
  • Game Mode

When the questions are pulled up, your child can also pull up the lesson and re-read the information to find the answer. The program also gives your child a second attempt if the first attempt was incorrect. This program is not free either.

3. SmartTutor

SmartTutor: This program includes resources for students in grades K-5.

The program is designed to help build foundational skills that have not yet been mastered. It also focuses on Math and Reading skills including phonics and reading comprehension skills.

This program also provides automated and adaptive placement assessments for your child. Based on the assessment, it will create an individualized program that is tailored to your child’s educational needs. This program is also not free but does offer a 14-day trial.

4. Hooked On Phonics

Hooked on Phonics: This program is designed to help students who are struggling with learning how to read.

It is designed for students in grades Pre-K-2nd and allows them to work through the steps of reading from letter sounds to meaning forms of words (reading).

The program follows a 3 step approach which includes;

  • Learning
  • Practicing
  • Reading

This program also includes fun digital content. This program is not free, but does offer discounts on pricing and is backed by a risk-free guarantee.

5. Special Ed Tutoring

SpecialEdTutoring provides one-on-one individualized tutoring for children with special needs. Myself, along with a family of other special education experts help children throughout the U.S. 100% online. There is a discounted “trial” available to see if this option would work for your child.

As parents, there are many resources on the web to choose from. These programs listed above may not even meet your son’s or daughter’s needs. If not, it is fine. Continue to search for resources to find the one that will best meet your child’s needs.

What additional resources have you found to be successful? (Please share in the comments below)

~ Amanda

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