Fall Teaching Hacks For Parents


Ahhhh… fall is FINALLY in the air!

Pumpkin spiced lattes are flying out of the coffee shops…

The leaves in the trees have morphed into shades of precious amber, sunshine soaked yellow, and deep red…

Piles of crisp leaves transform through the mind’s of children into padded cushions to catch the fall of astronauts, and a grand bed fit for a king.

The mornings begin to get a little chilly, making way for warm sweaters and fun hats.

Fall is such a wonderful season that everyone should experience.

In millions of communities throughout the US, there are tons of different activities that you and your family members can do together.

As an adult, I have come to find fall as my favorite!

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Several years ago, I discovered my favorite fall activity… I went to a pumpkin patch with a bunch of friends.

Fall Teaching Hacks For Parents

I found myself so amazed by the number of activities for families at the Pumpkin Patch.

At this particular pumpkin patch, they had;

  • Corn Mazes
  • Hayrides
  • Gemstone Mining
  • Huge Jumping Pillow
  • Cow Train
  • Apple/Corn Cannon
  • Slides
  • Basketball Courts

In my youth, we were lucky if the pumpkin patch had a hayride. The coolest part about these new pumpkin patches is that you can make all of those activities educational in some way.

Gemstone Mining Turned Educational – Science

Gemstones are some of the coolest rocks created from the Earth’s crust. At most pumpkin patches, they have gemstone mining stations.

There are so many different things that you can discuss at the gem mining station.

For example, this is an excellent opportunity to discuss science topics such as;

  • The Earth’s Crust
  • Erosion
  • Weathering Of Rocks

You could also explain the different birthstones that are gemstones.

Apple/Corn Cannon Turned Educational – Math

Another activity that could quickly be morphed into an educational activity is the apple/corn cannon.

Many children struggle with probability and addition/subtraction. Though your child may be working with outside resources such as special needs tutoring, the cannons are a great way to incorporate a simple math problem with some outdoor fun easily!

For example, you could test the probability of them shooting the apples in a specific area, or if they get the problem right, then they get to shoot the apples/corn.

Basketball Turned Educational – Spelling

Physical activities are a vital part of life no matter the season. Basketball is an easy way to incorporate spelling words or sight words. Everyone knows the game horse and making the same shots to see who wins.

Even at a pumpkin patch, you can practice spelling words through basketball by spelling a word before getting the chance to shoot.

Pumpkin Carving Turned Educational – Science

Riding on the hayrides, you get the chance to pick out the best pumpkin possible for carving.

Pumpkin Carving is one of my favorite fall activities (and I am far from the only one)!

I have always enjoyed carving my pumpkins, even though it is a process to get to the finish line. After finding the perfect pumpkin, you have to get out all those seeds and clean out your pumpkin.

An easy opportunity to make pumpkin carving educational is by using the seeds to explain and talk about The Pumpkin Life Cycle.

The life cycle is one of the most important scientific topics learned in most elementary science curriculums. As an educator, I feel that most students often forget about the life cycle of plants. Many can remember the life cycle of a butterfly and the life cycle of a frog.

Some additional fall activities include;

  • Picking Apples In An Orchard
  • Hiking In The Mountains (Or Anywhere)
  • Enjoying S’Mores By A Campfire

Although each season has its perks, I believe fall has some of the most enjoyable family activities that can also be educationally friendly.

I encourage you to do some of these fall learning frenzy activities with your family and enjoy fall as much as I do each year.

What activities do you enjoy this time of year?

~ Taylor Fulcher

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