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The Importance Of Self-Care For Parents


By: Teresa Stone, M.A.Ed.

The Importance Of Self-Care For Parents

Parent life is busy, and it is hard!

What I have found, though, is life is harder when I don’t take care of myself…

Yes, I know that my number one job is taking care of my kids and making sure that they are happy and healthy.

Every day, I wake up and put on the many different hats I wear… including;

  • Wife
  • Mommy
  • Teacher
  • Nurse (Fixing Boo-Boos)
  • Chauffeur- For The Kids

However, I know that I also need to take time for myself to keep me happy, healthy, and SANE!

Importance Of Self-Care For Us Parents…

My kids are older now (12 and 18), but here is what I have found over the years to help me recharge…

Finding Time To Unwind

My most productive time of the day has always been in the evening after I put the kids to bed! I have always worked a full-time job, also, so this is my time to check emails, do a quick load of laundry, and anything else I need to feel “caught up.” Some nights this includes my role as a special needs tutor. However, once it’s done, the next step is VITAL!

Then, I take a little time for myself…

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Read a magazine, watch a TV episode I recorded, soak in a bubble bath—whatever it is to help me relax after the busy day! This is why it is so vital to set bedtimes and stick to them!

When my kids were tiny, their bedtime was 8:00 pm. They needed that time to rest for the busy day ahead of them, and I needed that time to recharge. Even now, my middle schooler goes to bed at 9:00.

Kids need that structure and routine as much as we do!

Making Some Kid-Free Time

Do you ever take the time to have lunch or see a movie with a friend?

For the longest time, I would feel guilty when I would consider doing this!

My advice: do it!

It does not make you a bad parent to spend a few hours kid-free every once in a while. Get a sitter, ask your spouse to take over, whatever it is—make this time! It will make you a better parent because you will come back refreshed.

Also, don’t forget to have children-free date nights once in a while as well! I have so many friends that never go on dates with their husbands after they have children– Your marriage totally needs this!

It is so wonderful to spend family time, but it is great to spend some romantic time with your spouse to remember why you fell in love in the first place!

Additional Ways To Recharge:

Last, but not least… here are some additional ways either myself or people I know use to “recharge;”

  • Take A Bubble Bath
  • Listen To Soothing Music
  • Read A Book Or Magazine
  • Meditate Or Do Yoga
  • Have a Cup Of Tea
  • Sit Outside And Enjoy Nature
  • Practice Deep Breathing
  • Journal Or Draw
  • Take A Walk
  • Find A Hobby

Do you have other ideas of ways to recharge? Share them below in the comments.


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