Benefits Of Supplemental Learning for Kids and Teens

Young girl having an online tutoring session as supplemental learning to her education.

The use of special education tutoring as supplemental learning for kids and teens is growing in popularity across the US. Due primarily to increased classroom sizes and decreased budgets, traditional education alone is becoming less adequate, especially for children with special needs.

Today’s classroom teachers essentially are forced to work with students who possess a wide array of special needs in the same classroom filled with up to 40 children. After-school tutoring is useful in filling the gaps created by these environments. It helps ensure children who are struggling in a traditional classroom setting reach their excellence.

How Does Supplemental Learning Benefit Kids?

1. Individual Attention

US legislation requires teaching methods to be universal in technique and substance through a standard called Common Core. But with the wide variety of learning disabilities, as well as behavioral disorders present in an increasing number of children, many need additional help.

Due to slashed federal and state budgets, many children with special needs are still not receiving the attention and learning styles they require. This makes special education tutoring a highly sought-after supplement learning avenue to the education they’re receiving from the traditional channels.

Also,  one-on-one tutoring addresses a child’s individual needs, behavior tendencies, and, most importantly, learning styles, which are all vital to their success.

Supplemental learning through special education tutoring for children with special needs takes into account the individual needs of a child to learn at their pace. It also emphasizes cognitive skills development as well as instilling proper study habits.


2. Subject Matter Reinforcement

When your child is struggling in a given subject area, an experienced tutor can offer the reinforcement required to enhance learning. Often your child can get back on their path to success quickly through repetition of the material and learning subject matter based on their learning process.

Additionally, professional special education tutors can provide tailored tutoring lessons for your child designed to enhance the subjects they’re currently learning.

However, most parents request tutors primarily teach the same information their child is being taught at their school in a way that maximizes their learning potential. This individualized learning approach, or personalized learning, will not only improve their academic performance but will also decrease behavior issues.


3. Homework Help

Children with special needs are easily frustrated when doing their homework assignments. The frustration can make them lose interest in their schoolwork. Special education tutoring helps students stay motivated through honest and continuous encouragement.

When a child begins to finish homework assignments properly without help, they tend to feel better about themselves and school as a whole.


4. Study Habits

Special education tutoring helps a child establish good study habits. It is important for your child to develop good study skills and habits as early as possible.

Older students with special needs can also learn how to improve their study habits. Strong study skills will help the children for the rest of their academic journey.

5. Confidence Building Through Special Education Tutoring

The individual attention a child with special needs receives from a tutor can do a lot to boost self-esteem and confidence. With each academic accomplishment through this supplemental learning approach, even the very small ones, the child becomes more confident.

The major goals of special education tutoring are to help children:

  • Become better students
  • Transform behaviors
  • Ensure children continue down the path of excellence

Reaching these milestones involves helping children become more positive about life, schoolwork, and their future. Effective special education tutoring requires an understanding and compassionate tutor.

6. Tackle Insecurity

Children with special needs often face the feeling of insecurity associated with being in a large classroom. When children feel insecure, their learning suffers greatly.

Social situations, for example, being in a noisy or large group, may cause anxiety to many children with special needs. Consequently, the child may not participate fully in the classroom and therefore loses valuable instruction time.

One-on-one tutoring addresses this problem allowing your child to learn without the insecurity and vulnerability which may be part of the regular classroom experience.

It is important that the tutoring take place where the child is comfortable. With the right tutor and environment, children with special needs feel more secure, and there is no reason they should not excel in their academics.


Getting Your Child Started With Supplemental Learning

It is important to find a tutor who understands the special needs of your child. Before hiring a tutor for your child, ask for their qualifications and share necessary information regarding your child’s needs and learning style.

If possible, find a tutor that has worked with children who present similar learning needs to those of your child. The tutor should conduct an accurate initial assessment so that your child gets the best academic support.

Special education tutoring is important for the realization of the educational goals of your child. Tutoring can take different forms and varies based on their age, abilities, and challenges, as well as Individualized Education Programs (IEP). Tutoring will benefit the child in other spheres of life besides improvement in their academics.


Share Your Success With Supplement Learning

Have you tried special education tutoring or another supplemental learning program for your child or teen? How was your child’s experience? Share it in the comments below.



Young girl having an online tutoring session as supplemental learning to her education.
Want to help your kids excel in school? Check out these six benefits of supplemental learning and find the right program for them!
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  1. I like that you mentioned how one on one tutoring is helpful since it allows for a child’s individual needs to be adequately met. My friend was telling me the other day how she’s worried that her special needs son isn’t getting the attention he needs to keep up in an academic setting. I’m sure she would really appreciate being able to count on a tutor to help fill in any learning gaps by customizing her son’s learning based off the unique needs he has.

  2. I know a good friend who has been looking into light assembly and other education programs would like this article. Having the security that these special programs will help tackle the child’s insecurities is good. She would like knowing that her child is being taken care of in this way.

  3. I liked that you said that one thing to consider when you notice that your child is struggling with a class in school is to hire a tutor to help them to be successful and improve in the area of academics. I have been trying to help my daughter with her math homework but I have been struggling to understand the material myself and I haven’t been sure how to help her. I will be sure to consider using tutoring online in order to provide her with easy access to assistance.

  4. I agree that online supplemental education can help improve the study habits of my child. One of the things that I’d like to make sure of as a parent is that my child understands the importance of being responsible at a young age. As such, that should reflect mostly on her early education.

  5. It’s great you talked about how supplemental learning focuses especially on your kid’s unique learning skills. A friend is thinking about getting special education for her daughter since she has some learning issues. But she’s not sure about it. I think reading your article will push her on the right path. Thanks for your information about the benefits of supplemental learning.

  6. It’s great that you mention that a special education tutor can help your child develop effective study habits. My son has a hard time keeping up in his classes at school, so I’m thinking about hiring a special education tutor for him this week. I’m going to search for a reputable provider of special education tutoring that I can hire.

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