A World To Be Thankful For


In this fast-paced world in which we live, it’s rare we find opportunities to reflect on what’s truly important.

Too often we concern ourselves with things that really have little impact in the grand scheme of life and fail to recognize the “amazingness” that can be found all around us.
Success should never be measured against the ideal, but instead be measured based on the starting point. We want perfection, but fail to rejoice in the victories along the way.
Today, I’m thankful for the teachers who give a damn.
I’m thankful for the parents that refuse to back down in the fight to understand their children’s needs and find a way to ensure their success.
I’m thankful for school administrators who stand against the grain of normal, and fight for what’s right.
I’m thankful for the children who refuse to accept mediocrity, and instead fight to be exceptional.
I’m thankful for a growing group of society fired up for positive educational change.
I’m thankful for everyone who’s had the opportunity to walk in the shoes of the underdog, and fought their way through the muck toward ultimate success.
I’m thankful for those who constantly ask how we can be better and how we can ensure ALL children succeed.
Most importantly, I’m thankful for progress. Progress that ensures all children receive the opportunity they deserve, and the ability to stand tall knowing they matter!

Let’s keep this charge alive, and celebrate all victories along the way!



Suzie Dalien

Suzie Dalien

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