Be Proactive In Special Education

Be Proactive In Special Education

Being Proactive Can Help Stop Behaviors Before They Begin

According to, the definition of Proactive is “serving to prepare for, intervene in, or control an expected occurrence or situation.”

In special education, seeking the proper academic support for your child can actually stop behavior outbursts before they begin.

Behavior outbursts in children are often a result of the frustration caused by being overwhelmed academically.

In special education, not receiving the support and resources needed can amplify this problem.

As parents and educators, we can help by being proactive in understanding what a child needs to be successful and deliver those needs both in the classroom and at home.



















Suzie Dalien

Suzie Dalien


  1. Great article! Very encouraging to read your thoughts on how to be proactive as a special education teacher. Thanks for sharing!

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