Children Aspire To Be Successful

Children Aspire To Be Successful


Direct one’s hopes of ambitions toward achieving something.” –Google

Fuel children’s natural aspirations through love, support and positive reinforcement.

Before the environment has a chance to intervene, all children aspire to be successful by their definition.

As parents and educators, we can do our part to support those aspirations and ensure they don’t get stifled by the “real world.”

What a child aspires to be naturally evolves over time and with age. Teach them that the world is limitless and “impossible” is only a state of mind.



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Luke Dalien

Author Luke Dalien has spent his life dedicated to helping others break the chains of normal so that they may live fulfilled lives. When he’s not busy creating books aimed to bring a smile to the faces of children, he and his amazing wife, Suzie, work tirelessly on their joint passion; helping children with special needs reach their excellence. Together, they founded an online tutoring and resource company, Poetry, which had been a personal endeavor of Luke’s for the better part of two decades, was mainly reserved for his beautiful wife, and their two amazing children, Lily and Alex. With several “subtle nudges” from his family, Luke finally decided to share his true passion in creativity with the world through his first children’s book series, “The Adventures Of The Silly Little Beaver."

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