Choices Can Be Invaluable For Children

Choices Can Be Invaluable For Children

Giving Your Child Choices And Allowing Them To Make Their Own Decision, Can Be Invaluable To Their Growth;

When children don’t want to do something you’re asking them to do, it can be extremely frustrating!

Often, the frustration we as parents and educators feel, comes out in the form of anger.

One option that works extremely well for me is giving your child 2 choices and allowing them to make the decision.

For younger children, as an example, getting ready for bed can be quite an obstacle. If my daughter is reluctant to stop playing and get her pajamas on, I will give her these 2 choices and allow her to make the decision;

  1. We can put your pajamas on, play for a while longer, read books and go to bed… OR
  2. We can put your pajamas on and go to bed right now.

Most often she chooses the first option which was my plan anyway.

Basic guidelines with this approach. Both options have the same end result, in this case pajamas are on and she’s in bed. However, one option also holds a reward (which most often is your plan anyway).

This may sound extremely simple, but it alleviates soooo much frustration and at the same time helps her grow her decision making skills.

This same method can be used at almost any age. I’ve used it time and time again as a teacher with children as old as high school.

One tip; If you plan to use this technique, be consistent. Anytime your child refuses to do something you’re asking them to do, be quick on your feet and offer 2 choices, both of which have the same outcome.





Suzie Dalien

Suzie Dalien

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