Common Core Standards and Curriculum


Interestingly, there is much controversy surrounding the adoption of the common core standards, in regards to special education students.

Dr. Armstrong put it best when he said; “On the one hand, advocates for students with disabilities have made it clear that they want these students to be held to the same high level of achievement as typically developing students. On the other hand, the particular disabilities that these students possess may make it difficult for them to meet certain standards.

It is vital that students be exposed to the curriculum to the fullest extent possible.

For example, when writing an IEP, educators can select standards that are appropriate for the grade level, but then choose objectives to show how the students will meet those standards on their timeline.

Common Core Standards And Curriculum;

The question posed is whether or not all students should be expected to be exposed to the general education curriculum, based on the common core standards.

The education system is not a cookie cutter process for any student and therefore no matter how greatly written, it is difficult to say that all special education students should be exposed to these standards.

While most students might benefit from exposure to the standards, some students may not benefit from them. One promising aspect of the Common Core Standards was that they were written and partially developed by special education tutors and teachers and a plan was created to show how the standards can be used and applied to students with special needs.

Separate Curriculum

Whether we are considering general education or special education, students are entitled to the education and services that are appropriate for them.

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Students that are eligible for special education services do have the right to be challenged by a rigorous curriculum that pushes them to meet their goals and have a successful educational career. (Application n.d.)

Depending on a student’s needs, there may be instances when they would not benefit from the common core standards.

Ultimately, the field of special education is about providing each unique child with the education they deserve. Whether that be using the common core, an alternate standard, or the types of services they receive, it is vital to give them the education that is most appropriate for them.

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