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Fun Resources To Boost Your Child’s Learning


By: Erin Fay

Fun Resources To Boost Your Child's Learning

At this point, I’ve reached what I’d like to call the end-of-summer slump. My reading list is dwindling, I’ve binged all that my Netflix could handle, and I’ve gotten enough sunburn to last a lifetime (or at least until next summer).

Don’t tell my coworkers, but I’m officially itching to get back to school—and I have a feeling some of our students might be starting to feel the same way!

The countdown to days of structure and routine has begun… and is ALMOST HERE!!! Until then, here’s a collection of educational websites to keep your kiddos engaged and on track academically! Oh, and I forgot to mention, they’re all totally free!

Fun Resources To Boost Your Child’s Learning;

Sesame Street

Elmo lovers stop here! Sesame Street’s online platform expertly weaves early academic skills with music, videos, and games that will keep the even the youngest learners engaged.


Starfall provides four free levels of reading instruction ranging from letter-sound correspondence to basic decoding skills to reading short stories. Complete access, including expanded reading content as well as math instruction, is available with a paid membership.


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ABCYa has the most extensive selection of games that I’ve come across. The games are organized according to grade levels and range from PreK to 5th grade. Each grade level contains a variety of word games, number games, skill games, and strategy games. My personal favorites include sight word bingo & math facts basketball.

Learning Games for Kids

This site not only offers a large selection of reading, math, science, and social studies games but also connects you to a variety of educational videos and songs. Everything is organized into specific categories that allow you to find what you want to work on quickly!

KHAN Academy

I’ll admit: KHAN academy is a bit black and white when compared to some of the other sites. That said, the content is fantastic! KHAN offers math support for K-12 students, including standardized test prep. Each skill is presented in a short video lesson, and then students are asked a series of related questions… Simple and straightforward!

Storyline Online

Do you want to provide your child with more reading opportunities without spending $$$ on new books? Storyline offers read-aloud experiences of popular kid-friendly stories. The coolest part? All stories are read by celebrities!

Teach Your Monster to Read

Alright parents, I’ve saved the best for last! Teach your monster to read is a continuous game that tracks your child’s progress. After creating an account, your child will be asked to develop his/her own monster character.

The monster goes on a series of adventures requiring your child to guide them through 3 levels of reading.

The first level teaches the monsters letter-sound correspondence and basic blending of CVC words. Monsters move on to identifying more advanced letter-sound combinations like digraphs and vowel patterns in the second level and begin essential sentence reading and comprehension. Last, monsters are asked to read words that don’t follow typical rules and read shorts stories.

Honorable Mentions:

Highlights Kids— These games are fantastic for visual discrimination skills.
Prodigy— To be honest, I haven’t entirely figured this one out, but I’ve heard great things!
Kids Know It Network—This site has a pretty limited selection of free activities, but the spelling section does have a cool feature that allows you to enter your own spelling words!

Are there other fun & free websites your child loves? Drop them in the comments below!

One-On-One Personalized Assistance

Does your child need a little more one on one attention, structure, or personalized learning? Check out Special Education Resource’s Special Education Tutoring option!

While I can’t promise Elmo or monsters in spaceships, I can guarantee an experienced teacher who will provide engaging and meaningful experiences for your child!

~ Erin


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