Progress Reports In Special Education


You may be wondering how your child is progressing with their IEP goals, but not sure where to look and do not always have time to reach out to your child’s teacher…

Progress reports will be your golden ticket!

Progress Reports In Special Education

Progress reports are handed out or mailed at least four times a year (quarterly), typically when your child receives a report card from school.

The progress notes that you should receive along with your child’s quarterly report card will detail how your child is progressing in their special education classes and whether or not they are making progress on their annual IEP goals.

What Do I Do With A Progress Report?

Once you receive a progress report from the school, it is crucial to review this document!

You will want to read the goals as well as the update that was provided by the teacher.

The updates should include specific information about your child’s progress towards their IEP goals. It is so important to review the progress notes to determine if your child is making progress towards their goals or if they are not.

What Should I Do If I Have Not Received A Progress Report?

First, it would be essential to reach out to your child’s teacher to make sure you obtain the document. Make sure that you are clear about how and when you will receive this document!

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What Should I Do If My Child Is Not Making Progress?

If your child is not making progress towards their IEP goals, it can be beneficial to monitor the progress for a few weeks, and if things are still not progressing, it may be essential to request an IEP meeting.

As an IEP team member, you have the right to request a meeting, and the school will schedule the meeting with you.

Once a meeting is scheduled, you can discuss with the school team the concerns you have regarding your child’s progress.

What Should I Do If My Child Is Making Significant Progress Or Has Mastered Their Goals?

This is truly the best news you, as a parent, can receive! However, it means it’s time to take action!

  1. Tell Your Child How Proud Of Them You Are!
  2. Request An IEP Meeting To Discuss Next Steps In Your Child’s Plan.
  3. The IEP Team Should Come Together And Create New Goals And Support To Further Your Child’s Success!

Remember, YOU are your child’s number one advocate! Make sure they are constantly being challenged and never allow for stagnation.

What If I Do Not Understand A Progress Report?

During an IEP meeting, it is essential to ensure that the goals are written in a format that is easily tracked, meaning that they are measurable.

If a goal is not written in quantifiable terms, it will be difficult for the school team to collect data.

If the goal is written in measurable terms, but you are not sure what the data means, it is essential to reach out to the school team to gain clarification.

You can reach out to the teachers directly or schedule a meeting if you need more assistance.

Progress reports are an absolute vital link to the entire Special Education process. As a parent, make sure you are also updating the other members of your child’s IEP team with additional resources you are providing outside of the school. Things such as special education tutoring, or outside therapy can make a big different! However, a larger impact can be made when ALL of the experts working with your child are on the same page… working on the same things!

If you have any questions about progress reports or anything else… please send us an email, and we will do our best to provide feedback as it relates to your child’s journey! [email protected]


Laura Young, M.Ed.

Laura Young, M.Ed.

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    Our school is planning of putting up a SPED class. Is it possible to request a sample assessment/progress report card?

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