Special Education Services Are A Right

Special Education Services Are A Right | Special Education Resource

Special Education Services Are A Right For The Children Who Need Them.

Lately, I’ve had several discussions with parents who are trying to get special education services for their child to help them succeed academically and in life.

However, there still seems to be a massive amount of red tape and hoops to jump through in the process. Some children are even failing multiple classes while awaiting the final decision on whether or not they’re eligible.

As a parent and educator, it breaks my heart to see children suffer when ultimately it’s the process that’s still broken. This sometimes long and often antiquated system is affecting thousands of innocent children across the nation, yet only a handful of people are speaking out.

Let’s make a change, there’s no reason people need to feel alone in this rough journey. When enough people stand up for what’s right, positive change happens.

If you’re ready to be a part of this change, start by sharing this post.

Somewhere out there a parent is dealing with the same frustration and needs to know there are people who can offer support.



Suzie Dalien

Suzie Dalien

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