What are the Benefits of Summer School For Special Education Students?

Excited special education students at the chalkboard learning at summer school with their teacher.

There have been so many school changes due to the Pandemic in the last few years. Additionally, I felt there were still strict protocols for special education students last year during summer school. 

Teaching Summer School

As a teacher, I know I am always ready for summer break. For teachers, summer break is the one time a year when alarm clocks don’t apply. We can spend more time relaxing and checking off our personal to-do lists. 

However, I LOVE summer because I get to teach in summer school. I always enjoy teaching over the summer because I get to work with different students each year for a few weeks to help sharpen the skills that they have learned in the past year and help them prepare for their next adventure. 

If given the opportunity, I can think of at least four reasons you should send your special needs child to summer school. 

4 Reasons to Send Your Special Education Child to Summer School

#1 Consistency

Some kids thrive on consistency. So when kids can have that consistent schedule year-round by attending summer school, it creates stability and relieves the stress of change. 

Consistency is also important because students with disabilities perform better academically when consistently practicing their math and reading skills. 

As a special education teacher, I have always wondered if it would be more beneficial for students to be on the year-round school schedule than the August-May or September-June schedule. 


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#2 Socialization

As a special education teacher, I have learned that most classrooms have students of all abilities within the classroom. In addition, most of the students are typically on the same academic level during summer school. 

Therefore, it is students that they are not typically in class with during the school year. Because they are not with these same students, they can socialize with different students. 

Subsequently, I have found that many special education students actually enjoy this time. This is because they can play and talk with friends who are not in their classes during the school year.

#3 Specialized Skills

During summer school, students work on specific skills. These particular reading and math skills are the most important skills students have learned and need to practice before they go to the next grade. 

For example, in the fourth grade, long division is essential for them to know how to do. But this math concept is hard to grasp for some students. So it may be a specific skill that your child will learn during summer school. 

#4 Fun Activities

Although summer school is practicing those necessary specific skills, it can also be fun for students who come every day. As a summer school teacher, I always try to ensure that my Thursdays are STEM days or other fun activity days for the kids. 

I try to include fun activities that challenge their thinking but are different from what they do within the regular classroom. They have always loved STEM days in the past.

How Long is a Summer School Program? 

The length of a summer school session depends on the school district. It can last anywhere from one week to eight weeks. On average most programs last 3-4 weeks over the summer break.  Additionally, a typical school session is only a half-day. This is usually just four hours a day. 

My Perspective

As you can see, summer school isn’t always a bad thing or a negative thing. On the contrary, I would recommend giving it a try. It can be an enjoyable thing for both students and teachers. And it’s an excellent opportunity for students to experience. 

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Special education students at the chalkboard are excited about learning at summer school with their teacher.

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  1. My daughter has a hearing disability, and since she still wants to learn even during summer vacation to prepare for high school exams, I’m planning to take her to an academic summer camp. It’s good to know that summer school allows students to work on specific skills they want to improve on. I’ll have to look into academic summer camps within our area before my daughter’s school starts its break.

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