Is Tutoring The Answer? 3 Tips To Help You Decide


Education plays a vital role in shaping your child’s future. You can prepare your child for success in life by making sure they receive the best education possible. This may include supplemental learning options outside of the traditional classroom. For children with special needs, this additional help may be needed to assist in overcoming specific learning needs and behaviors to reach a desired level of success.

Tutoring has become a viable option for addressing academic and behavioral concerns. It can provide your child with needed assistance without making them feel threatened or pressured. The more relaxed your child is, the easier it is for them to process information.

In today’s world, there are two main special education tutoring options available; in-person and online tutoring. Both of these options can be used on a per-need basis or as supplemental learning. The process of choosing the right tutor is critical. Your choice can either help your child progress in learning or perhaps create an even greater set back in their path to excellence. Here are some helpful strategies to ensure you pick the correct tutor for your child:

1. Check The Tutor’s Qualifications

Look for the tutor’s training, experience, and credentials and make sure they are a certified special education teacher. Keep in mind that most teachers can work with children of all ages and all subjects. However, every teacher I’ve encountered in life excels with a specific group of children. Be sure you’re hiring a tutor who will help with your child’s specific need.

2. Ask For Teaching Strategies

Just like all children learn differently, the same is true that all teachers teach differently. Ensure to ask your special education tutor their specific teaching style and a specific strategy for your child. Though you personally may not know how to help your child with their academic and behavioral challenges, you do know them better than anyone on this planet. Be sure the strategy set forth makes sense for both you and your child.

3. Online Tutoring vs. In-Person Tutoring

In-person tutoring has been around longer than sliced bread and is rather straightforward. You arrange to bring your child to a mutually agreed upon place or allow the tutor into your home. In-person tutoring typically works well for students struggling with one subject, lesson or test. However, it’s rare that a student with special needs requires this minimal amount of assistance to truly make a difference. Often there’s an underlying cause to the behavior and academic challenges that require more one-on-one time than one or two sessions. With these additional meetings, in-person tutoring becomes more challenging as it often requires a significant time commitment.

Online tutoring is catching on quickly in the US and dozens of companies offer online tutoring as a supplement to their main business (in-person tutoring). When it comes to special education, you have to be especially cautious in your search for online tutoring help. Most tutoring companies offer a small segment of their resources to children with special needs, leaving most of their effort, time and funding to the “majority.” Special Education Resource focuses 100% of everything we do to helping children with special needs reach their excellence through special education online tutoring and Special Education Resources. We aren’t interested in diluting the waters and trying to become the jack-of-all-trades. We have a clear focus, message and mission and it’s to prove that a label doesn’t have to define a child; it simply proves that all children learn differently.

Online Tutoring For Special Education

As previously mentioned, traditional online tutoring is designed to help children with a specific assignment, test preparation or a particularly difficult lesson. Used primarily as a per-need service, this type of assistance isn’t always the best option for children with special needs.

A majority of students at Special Education Resource opt for supplemental learning through online special education tutoring. Our special education tutors mold the curriculum currently being taught in the traditional classroom to the specific learning style of the child. As classroom sizes continue to expand while the resources available in school decline, more parents are turning to this alternative form of education to ensure their child with special needs reaches their excellence.

The first step in the process is to verify whether or not this option makes sense for your child through a free consultation. The consultation is conducted by a special education tutor which affords you the opportunity to ask the tough questions and finally gain some expert insight into the vast world of special education.

Your child is more than capable of reaching their excellence. You can help by giving them the assistance, tools and other resources needed to get them moving down the path of success.

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Author Luke Dalien has spent his life dedicated to helping others break the chains of normal so that they may live fulfilled lives. When he’s not busy creating books aimed to bring a smile to the faces of children, he and his amazing wife, Suzie, work tirelessly on their joint passion; helping children with special needs reach their excellence. Together, they founded an online tutoring and resource company, Poetry, which had been a personal endeavor of Luke’s for the better part of two decades, was mainly reserved for his beautiful wife, and their two amazing children, Lily and Alex. With several “subtle nudges” from his family, Luke finally decided to share his true passion in creativity with the world through his first children’s book series, “The Adventures Of The Silly Little Beaver."

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