6 Reasons The US Education System Is Failing


The education system in the United States started after the industrial revolution.

Fast forward to today, and the set-up of the traditional education system has not changed.

So, what is wrong with that you may ask. If it is not broke, don’t fix it.

But maybe it is broken here are 6 reasons the US Education System is failing.

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6 Reasons The US Education System Is Failing;

1. Parents are not involved enough.

This perhaps is the most frustrating for teachers.

Parents are not spending enough time in their child’s classroom. If parents would spend more time, then they will understand what is going on in the classroom and what their child is learning.

If the parent knows what the child is learning, then they will be able to help their child more with their homework and having their child be more successful in the classroom.

2. Schools are closing.

It has been rough for public schools. Many schools are not seeing the funding they need to keep the doors open.

3. Schools are overcrowded.

Due to schools closing, the schools that are staying open are seeing more students coming to their schools. You may see one teacher and 30 kids in the classroom. This is too big of a class to have the teacher give proper attention to all the students.

4. Technology can cause problems in the classroom.

I love using technology, but I have also seen technology cause behaviors in the classroom.

Many kids are exposed to technology all day long. This prolonged exposure can cause the kids to become addicted. When a child is addicted to technology and it is time for them to get of their iPad or computer you may see behaviors. These behaviors may lead to less academic time if the teacher has to deal with them in the classroom.

5. We aren’t getting seniors ready for the real world.

Many students graduate high school, but they are not prepared for what is next. Students leaving high school do not have the skills of studying appropriately or understanding what it is like to have a full-time job.

6. Students get lost from school to the prison pipeline.

According to The Washington Post, almost half of the black young men in the urban schools do not graduate high school. Instead, they are going into correctional facilities, and we are doing nothing to educate these children and try to keep them out of the system.

These are my thoughts as a teacher in a public school. What do you think? Are schools broken?


For more thoughts on the subject of strained schools from a different teacher, read it here.

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