Assistive Technology Ideas in the Special Needs Home


Assistive Technology is a term that is becoming more commonly known in the field of Special Education regarding services.

We dedicated a whole blog post to defining what is assistive technology. Check out the blog post here Assistive Technology Defined.

Assistive Technology Ideas in the Special Needs Home 

Usually, what comes to mind first as assistive technology devices are computers or other electronic devices that help students in the general and special education settings.

However, many low tech device options can also assist students.

What is the difference between Lo-Tech and High-Tech Assistive Technology Devices?

Lo-Tech options are items that are not commonly expensive, do not require much mechanical training, and are not too hard to figure out how to use. 

Some examples of Lo-Tech assistive technology would be: 

  • Canes
  • Walkers
  • Various pencil grips
  • Special scissors
  • Using a different sized print
  • Using reading color strips. 

Some examples of High-Tech assistive technology would be: 

  • Computers
  • Text to speech programs
  • AAC communication devices
  • Talking calculators
  • Books on tape

Assistive Technology Ideas in the Special Needs Home

A different way to read

Suppose children are not interested in a hardback book. Try an audiobook or book on CD. They should follow along with the book. Having an audiobook is excellent, but students need to follow along and see the words as they hear it.


Working with shapes

As students go through school, they will often have to work with shapes. Some activities are:

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  • Identifying shapes
  • Splitting shapes
  • Making copies of shapes
  • Seeing what shapes make other shapes

One very cool resource to use is an online Geoboard. This online Geoboard allows students to create shapes using rubber bands. This app is excellent for exploring and creating shapes.


The Math Learning Center

The Math Learning Center has several great interactive math apps online that are free for anyone to use.



Timers are a great way for students to stay on track in regards to their assignments. Many students with special needs have trouble completing tasks given a specific time. 

However, visual timers can help students to stay focused and on track during assignments. You can find visual timers online. 



Are you struggling to find ideas for a particular subject or disability? TechMatrix offers a database of over 400 assistive technology ideas. 


Why is Assistive Technology necessary for students with special needs?

As an educator, I see many students struggle and give up on assignments or goals. Most specifically, I have had students get discouraged in regards to their AR goals. 

This past year, I saw a glimpse of how vital AT was for my students. I discovered a program called Learning Ally. Learning Ally is a database that allows students to read books on their reading level and follow along in the physical book. 

My students had a reading project that they needed to complete. Because of Learning Ally, they were able to pick a book of their interest! They were so excited to be able to read a book that they wanted to read.

Many of my students enjoyed Learning Ally and did very well on their projects. I was thankful to see the joy on their faces as they picked out their books for their projects. Assistive Technology makes impossible things possible for students with reading difficulties. 


Additional Assistive Technology Ideas

If you need more resources in finding assistive technology tools and devices check out the links below. 

AT services can be life-changing for a student or child that you know and care about. I would love to hear about assistive technology devices that have made a change in your child. Share in the comments below.  



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Assistive Technology Ideas in the Special Needs Home
Assistive technology is used every day in Special Education classrooms across the world. Why not at home? Check out these assistive technology ideas in the special needs home.

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