Back To School – Round 2


For most children, the end of the Holiday season not only means tearing down the Christmas tree, and boxing up the lights… January also means time for round 2 of the 2015-16 school year. Time yet again to wake up early and brace the morning cold on your way to the bus stop (if of course you live where it’s cold). Trudge through snow waist high and uphill both directions.

If your child struggled during the first semester, there’s good news! For most children, when they walk into the building on the first day of school after winter break… they are back at zero! Everyone’s grades are the same… a true fresh start. Now this euphoric feeling will likely change going into day 2 (when something is due).

Here’s the thing… that euphoric feeling of success doesn’t have to end. The following 3 tips can help to ensure improvement and progress throughout the 2nd semester.

3 Tips For Back To School Second Semester Success:

1. Consistency And Frequency . All children benefit from consistency in their lives. From a scheduled going-to-bed routine, to weekly family time, consistency most often translates to comfort for children. When it comes to academics, consistency in your approach can make a massive impact on your child’s success. Something as simple as scheduled daily homework time can begin to make a shift toward increased grades and confidence.

2. Be Increasingly Active. At the first sign of a downturn (or struggle)… take action. Jump in and help your child get through their homework. If you struggle to understand their lessons, find a special education tutor who can help. Whatever the struggle is, finding it early and taking immediate action can help children remain on track toward success!

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3. Accountability. Yes, it’s important to hold your children accountable for completing their school work. Being on top of what’s due and when, can make a big difference. Try communicating regularly (even through email) with your child’s teacher. You’ll have a better understanding of how your child is doing AND steps you can take to ensure they stay on track.

The number one takeaway from this article should be that action creates impact. So long as you don’t sit idly by during the early warning signs of struggle… your child will have a much better chance of academic success. Remember, you got this! With the vast array of information currently available online, special education resources and other professional guidance are all a simple click away.

Suzie Dalien

Suzie Dalien

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