7 Tips to Help Decrease Implications of the Coronavirus


Unfortunately, there’s no escaping or denying what is going on right now with Coronavirus and the implications it is having on everyone’s life.


Every single human is impacted in some way or another.


Most in multiple ways.


That said, if you have children, one of your biggest concerns is likely the impact this is having on their health, lives, and education.


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There’s no doubt there are chaos and uncertainty in your house right now with everyone’s schedule thrown off.


Here are seven tips that can help you find some calm (and maybe even enjoyment!) within the chaos.



7 Tips to Help Decrease Implications of the Coronavirus on Your Family


#1 Schedule / Routine – 


I know this seems nearly impossible, but one of the most important things you can do right now is trying to make (and keep) a schedule. 

This schedule will likely look very different than your family’s typical routine before the Coronavirus. But, it doesn’t have to be an official calendar schedule. 

It can be something as simple as grabbing a piece of paper and writing down what you’ll do each day. A schedule can significantly help everyone.

Include everything! Here are some suggestions: 

  • Eating breakfast
  • Outside time
  • Schoolwork time 
  • Device time
  • House clean up

When kids have an idea of what’s coming next, they feel safer and more secure. A schedule is an easy way to give that to them (and yourself) right now.


#2 Start Now – 


Your children are likely out of school for more than a week to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. There are some areas out six weeks or more. The best thing you can do for everyone is to get that routine and schedule started right away.

Don’t let too much unstructured time go by – there’s going to be enough of that anyway! The longer you wait to start the routine, the harder it will be to get one in place.

Go right now and figure out what will work for your family.


#3 Communicate especially about the Coronavirus– 


Have an age-appropriate conversation with your child. Communication is key. Here are a few suggested talking points:

  • Talk about what’s going on with the Coronavirus
  • How you can help each other 
  • How they are feeling
  • Let them ask questions

Keeping this dialogue open is huge in ensuring everyone is heard and understood (and supported) during times of change and chaos.


#4 Laugh –


Don’t forget that it’s okay to laugh, smile, and enjoy this time. Sure, it’s a little more challenging at times right now, but take time to laugh with your kids – and laugh at yourself!

These moments to “check out” of what’s going on are so helpful for your children in feeling the normalcy they usually have in their day to day world.


#5 Sell Positivity / Confidence –


As parents, there’s no doubt you are feeling some level of stress and worry. And that’s completely okay! But, children feed off of that, and even if you aren’t showing it in distinct ways, they notice the little things.

Please do your best to sell positivity, confidence that you’ve got it all under control, and everything will be okay. Not only will your children feel better, but heck, you may even start to feel better yourself!


#6 Be Flexible – 


Please keep in mind it’s essential to be flexible. Yes, a schedule and routine are very important, but things WILL look different right now.

Flexibility is vital to keep stress levels down. Understand that you may need to adjust your routines/schedules based on how things are progressing.


#7 Rewards – 

It’s no secret kids love rewards! Build-in those rewards more than ever right now. 

If you feel your children are stressed or having trouble adjusting, focus on positive behavior reinforcement, and add some rewards into their day. 

Rewards don’t have to be complicated. Here are some suggestions: 

  • Choose the game to play on family game night
  • Choice of the movie on movie night 
  • Dollar store gifts (if you can get out safely to get them)
  • Check out these 51 reward ideas

Give them rewards when they get their school work done or simply because they are quiet while you’re on a conference call!


Additional Resources to Decrease Implications of the Coronavirus

There’s no denying the Coronavirus is a more difficult time for everyone. With some conscious decisions to implement a few things into your day, you, and your child(ren), can not only feel a little better during his time but might even find it’s not as stressful as you once thought.

Check out the below educational resources to keep your child moving toward academic excellence while at home:

For updated reliable information on the Coronavirus check out the resources below:


We look forward to hearing things you’ve implemented that have worked for your family during times of uncertainty. Feel free to comment them below. Most of all, stay safe and healthy!

7 Tips to Help Decrease Implications of the Coronavirus
Schools closed, routines off, fears high. Here are 7 tips to help decrease the implications of the Coronavirus to keep your family calm, cool and collected.



Diana Chase, M.S.

Diana Chase, M.S.


  1. it is very scary in the times we live in and you are so right with the tips you share even with my adult kids routine and laughter help make it better or strive to

  2. I plan to sit down tomorrow morning and draw out a routine for myself and possibly my partner so that we don’t start to go crazy. He still has to work but I was signed off as of today.

  3. The area we live in is on community quarantine. Only one person per household is allowed to go out to purchase food, medicine and other necessities. I miss my daughter and my grandson, but I would rather endure the longing than to have him get the virus. To pass the time away, I spend time tending to my potted plants, get some more sleep, watch TV and binge watch on Netflix. I should pay more attention to my blog but I just can’t seem to focus!

  4. We have been home for about 5 days and I will definitely be coming up with a schedule. It is good to incorporate these things into our days.

  5. I can’t imagine what all the momma’s of young ones are going through right now. All of my children are grown so I don’t have to worry about that, but still even for adults a schedule can be a good thing right now.

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