How to Instill the Love of Reading in Your Child


I always hoped my children would have my love of reading.

I pictured my children lying on their bed with a flashlight under the cover sneaking a few more minutes of reading time after I kissed them goodnight.

That would be something!

I can remember those times as a child myself.

Books would always put a smile on my face and a laugh in my belly.

They transported me to faraway lands to slay dragons and watching the underdog win in the end.

Walt Disney said “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island,” and I believe it!


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Here are seven EASY ways to facilitate the growing love of reading within your child…



7 Easy Activities to Instill the Love of Reading in Your Child

#1 As a parent, model YOUR love of reading! 


  • If you are excited, your child will be excited, too!
  • Have what I call “Stop Drop and Read Sessions” daily where you both sit and read even if just for 10 minutes. 


#2 Read the book then watch the movie.


  • Let them pick out a book to read knowing ahead of time they will get to watch the movie when finished.
  • Watching a movie is always a treat in a child’s eyes.
  • Pop some popcorn and compare/contrast the book to the movie as you watch.
  • Here is a list of 50 great movies based on children’s books. that will instill the love of reading.


#3 Read aloud, even when they don’t need it!


#4 Start a club.

  • It only takes two people.
  • Gather some of the neighbor kids for some book club fun over summer, spring, or winter breaks.
  • Have refreshments and games.
  • Check out this 13 point checklist on how to start a book club for kids.


#5 Ask questions.


#6 Count on magazines.

  • They spot them at the check out lane because they are so flashy and full of pictures. But, magazines are full of content-rich articles too!
  • Let them pick out a few age-appropriate magazines next time you get groceries.
  • Check out Amazon’s list of Best Children’s Magazines.


#7 Get cooking!

  • Studies show that when ingredients and instructions are read slowly many times, it increases comprehension.
  • Let them check out recipe books from the library.
  • Then try a new recipe over the weekend.
  • Check out Amazon’s list of Best Children’s Cookbooks.

It may take time to instill the love of reading in your child, so be sure to be patient. Most of all, remember to keep reading light and fun.

If your child struggles with reading that may be why they don’t like to read. Check out the following articles that may help.

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Does your child love to read? What ways do you make reading fun for your children?


How to Instill the Love of Reading in Your Child
Reading is such an important skill for a child, but not so easy to learn. Here are 7 Easy Activities How to Instill the Love of Reading in Your Child.

Luke Dalien

Luke Dalien

Author Luke Dalien has spent his life dedicated to helping others break the chains of normal so that they may live fulfilled lives. When he’s not busy creating books aimed to bring a smile to the faces of children, he and his amazing wife, Suzie, work tirelessly on their joint passion; helping children with special needs reach their excellence. Together, they founded an online tutoring and resource company, Poetry, which had been a personal endeavor of Luke’s for the better part of two decades, was mainly reserved for his beautiful wife, and their two amazing children, Lily and Alex. With several “subtle nudges” from his family, Luke finally decided to share his true passion in creativity with the world through his first children’s book series, “The Adventures Of The Silly Little Beaver."


  1. These are great tips on getting a child to love reading. We started reading to our daughter literally from birth. She LOVES to read and gets excited to receive new books.

  2. These are all awesome ideas! My kids love to read. They get it from me haha. Each has their own collection of books that grows each year. And we did many of these ideas too.

  3. My boys love reading, but I love the idea of recipe reading for greater comprehension!! It’s like math and reading all rolled into one awesome package that ends with dinner or dessert!!

  4. Thank you for your tips, I enjoyed reading the post, as we insist on reading every single day, just to have it as a habit.

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