4 Fun Nontraditional Holidays to Celebrate With Your Kids This Year

Dad and son on a bike ride trying out one of the 4 Fun Nontraditional Holidays to Celebrate With Your Kids This Year.

Has this past year been a stressful time for your family? I know teachers have had a difficult time adjusting to teaching virtually. Social functions have dramatically changed, especially when it comes to holidays.

We celebrated holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and Easter differently in 2021 because of the restrictions brought on by the Pandemic. So let’s make this year more fun! Here are four nontraditional holidays to celebrate with your kids this year.


4 Fun Nontraditional Holidays to Celebrate With Your Kids This Year 

#1 Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

In March, every year, the world celebrates Absolutely Incredible Kid Day. It is on the third Thursday. The national holiday started in 1997 by Campfire.org. It is a day to celebrate incredible kids by writing them a handwritten note or letter of encouragement. 

 As a special education teacher, I have fortunately seen so many incredible kids come through my doors. Children should be celebrated and taught that they are incredible. 

This past week, I ironically wrote a letter to one of my previous students about her incredible personality. I was blessed to have worked with this student for two years. She always provided laughter, hugs, and entertainment. 

This student is struggling currently at the middle school, and it made me think about middle school students.


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You Can Celebrate this Nontraditional Holiday with Middle School Students Too

First off, if you teach middle school students… YOU are a ROCKSTAR! I find that middle school students go through this “alien” stage while they grow, change, and start becoming a teenager. 

Secondly, I think that middle school-aged students need to be told they are incredible too. They are going through changes that can impact them: 

  • Emotionally
  • Physically
  • Mentally

Middle school is stressful for some students, and they need to be comforted and told that they are incredible. So don’t hesitate to include this age group in celebrating this nontraditional holiday. 


Ideas to Celebrate Incredible Kids Day

What are some other ways that you can make kids of all ages feel incredible on incredible kid day?

  • Take your kids to the park
  • Go on a family bike ride
  • Write them a sweet note
  • Make them their favorite breakfast in bed 
  • Go hiking or take a walk somewhere

#2 Thank Your Mailman Day

Another nontraditional holiday we celebrate in the United States that you and your kids can enjoy is in February. It is Thank Your Mailman Day. I think this nontraditional holiday is a great way for kids to give back to someone in the community while being thankful for what they do each day. 

I don’t know where I would be without my mailman and those that bring me those lovely amazon boxes. Some things that you and your kids can do on this day are: 

  • Bake them some goodies.
  • Get them a little gift.
  • Write them a sweet note together.
  • Go give them a cold bottle of water.

I am a daughter of a mailwoman, so I know how underappreciated they are each day. So make sure next year, you & the kids thank your mailman.


#3 World Storytelling Day

As a child, I loved hearing stories from my mom and dad about their lives. Another fun, nontraditional holiday to celebrate is World Storytelling Day. It is on March 20th every year. 

I think this is a wonderful and fun activity to celebrate with your kids. On this holiday, here are some fun things that you can do:

  • Create a fun story together of your favorite things.
  • Share stories about each of your days.
  • Reminisce and tell stories about the past together over some hot chocolate. 

#4 Mother Goose Day

Lastly, who doesn’t love Mother Goose tales? I love Mother Goose tales, and many of the children in schools don’t know them. As a special education teacher, I know several children who don’t have a clue what Mother Goose Tales are all about. 

On May 1st, celebrate Mother Goose Day by reading tales with your kids before bedtime or after dinner. There are a number of additional activities you can do after reading the tales too. 

  • Create drawings of the tales
  • Act out the tales
  • Create dioramas of the tales
  • Match beginnings with their corresponding endings
  • Here are even more activities from the Mother Goose Club 



Additional Opportunities to Have Fun With Your Child

Although these aren’t traditional holidays, they are sure fun opportunities to spend time with the kids! Every year, these nontraditional holidays change, so be on the lookout each year! Above all, enjoy the time with your child. Learn from your child, enjoy your time together and enjoy creating lasting memories.

What nontraditional holidays have you celebrated with your child or class? Let us know in the comments.

Here are additional ideas of fun activities: 


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Dad and son on a bike ride trying out one of the 4 Fun Nontraditional Holidays to Celebrate With Your Kids This Year.
It has been a stressful year for kids and adults. Check out these 4 Fun Nontraditional Holidays to Celebrate with your kids this year!

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