8 Benefits of Online Tutoring You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Young girl getting one on one attention from her tutor (one of the benefits of online tutoring) sitting at her computer at home during a virtual tutoring session.

Henry’s parents were worried when they found out he was falling behind in school. He barely passed to the 3rd grade. They didn’t want him to fall even more behind over summer break. His teacher explained the benefits of online tutoring.

His parents went back and forth but decided to sign Henry up for tutoring. They were so glad they did. It was a lot of fun, and Henry felt like he finally got ahead of the game!

Online tutoring has gained popularity over the past year for good reason. Teachers and students have had to navigate an unfamiliar landscape in the form of virtual classroom settings and computer-generated assignments.

As a result, students with and without learning disabilities have experienced instructional deficits which have impacted their academic performance. The personalized learning experience and one-on-one attention that online tutoring provides can benefit students beyond just improving their knowledge of core subjects.


8 Benefits of Online Tutoring You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner


A skilled online tutor can support students in developing effective study skills and ignite their passion for learning. In addition, these skills will help students to achieve beyond the classroom. 

There are many reasons parents choose online tutoring for their child. For example, some children struggle in school while others need a push to complete assignments. 

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Whatever the reason, there are several advantages to online tutoring that make it a suitable choice for students of various abilities and ages. 


#1 Improves Academic Performance

A tutor can address areas of struggle for the student, prepare them for tests, and helping them to complete assignments. Additionally, a tutor can reinforce learned skills and allow the student to apply them to new concepts. These online tutoring benefits lead to better grades and higher test scores for the student. 


#2 Instruction is Customized to Each Student’s Needs With Online Tutoring

First, a tutor will assess your child’s strengths, interests, and areas of need. Then they will create a tutoring program that is customized to meet his learning style. Customized tutoring programs help ensure your child is learning effectively in a way that works for him.

An example of how interests help is if your child loves cars, the tutor will weave cars into lessons. This will help keep their attention. 


#3 Helps Students Improve Study Habits

A tutor is not just an educator. A tutor can also model and encourage a strong work ethic in their students. The skills learned through tutoring will benefit students in their classrooms and beyond.

Many children struggle to improve their study skills because they haven’t had the opportunity for one-on-one attention that online tutoring provides. In addition, a tutor can assist in noting inefficient methods of studying and strategies to use at school and home. 


#4 Improves Students’ Self-esteem

As a student’s grade improves, their motivation and enthusiasm for learning flourish as well. In addition, virtually tutored children can develop a sense of accomplishment and pride from achieving goals. Whether it’s finishing an entire math lesson or mastering a new subject, there are benefits to helping students feel confident about their abilities and themselves. 


#5 Helps Develop Critical Thinking

Students who struggle in their studies usually do not have the time to solve challenging problems. A tutor can guide their students at their own pace to solve these problems. This benefit of online tutoring promotes the development of essential problem-solving skills.


#6 Encourages Students’ Intellectual Independence

A good tutor gives their students the space to learn on their own. Prompting can be faded over time as students become increasingly independent. 

Students will develop the skills to apply their knowledge and retain information. This benefits students for the future when they can solve problems and learn independently, without constant direction or help from a tutor.


#7 Tutoring Helps Students with Learning Disabilities

Many students who have a learning disability or difficulty with new material are less likely to ask for help in the classroom or share their concerns with family members. With online tutoring, a student can take time on complex concepts and receive targeted instruction.

This one-to-one attention combined with instruction and specific activities designed to address each student’s needs promotes progress and success for students with disabilities. 

Tutoring allows them to feel comfortable asking questions and communicate openly about their needs.


#8 With Virtual Tutoring, Students Receive Personalized, Direct Feedback

Whether working with a tutor on academic, communication, or social skills, students receive detailed feedback on their performance. This is usually not given in larger settings. 

Additionally, a student’s strengths and weaknesses will be identified and addressed promptly. As a result, students have more significant potential for growth in their overall knowledge base than if left to struggle alone without any assistance.


Which Online Tutoring Benefit Is Most Important to You? 

There are many advantages to online tutoring. A private tutoring program can help students, whether they are struggling or eager to fulfill their educational goals. Parents have many options for online tutoring, and it can help their children succeed in school and life.

Which of the eight benefits is most important to you? Let us know in the comments below. In addition, here are other resources for online tutoring you will find helpful. 



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Young girl getting one on one attention from her tutor (one of the benefits of online tutoring) sitting at her computer at home during a virtual tutoring session.
There are so many benefits of online tutoring! Discover why getting your child an online tutor is the best solution for their education.

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  1. It’s great that you talked about online tutoring and how it focuses on your kid’s needs! Recently, my sister said she’s worried about her son’s schoolwork and study sessions. My sister’s been busy with work, so I think she’ll benefit from hiring a tutor to help her kid! Thanks for the advice on how a tutor will create a customized program for your child!

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