Best Books to Help a Child with Anxiety and Worry

Father and son reading one of the best books to help a child with anxiety

As we all know, life can be confusing and hard, often resulting in excessive worrying. Those times in life that provoke these feelings is hard enough for adults, but to help a child with anxiety is a whole other ballgame.

Everything from finding the right timing, to the right words and the right overall approach, can make even the best of communicators with the best of intentions shy away from addressing it.

Fortunately, there are many great books to help a child with anxiety.

Using books, you can present things in a way that a child can relate to and engage with you. It will be less daunting to have these hard conversations.

Below are 4 Best Books I recommend to help a child with anxiety and worry in no particular order.


Best Books to Help a Child with Anxiety and Worry 


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Wemberly Worried by Kevin Henkes– 


This book is a story that includes a main character that worries about everything at school…and we mean EVERYTHING! 

Worrying is undoubtedly an emotion that can come out at any time in children. But it particularly comes out during difficult times and times of change.  

While reading this book with your child, you can easily transfer the concepts to their circumstances. It can be anything that is causing your child to worry. This will open the doors to a productive and helpful conversation.


When My Worries Get Too Big by Kari Dunn Buron – 


This book focuses on helping children cope with anxiety. Anxiety is difficult for anyone to deal with. But a child doesn’t have the coping mechanisms in place to help them manage it. 

This book includes simple pictures and easy to follow tips in a language that kids can relate to. It will also help them see they aren’t alone with age-appropriate management strategies.


No Matter What by Debi Gliori– 


This book is a heartwarming story with a main character that worries quite a bit. The book focuses on helping the reader see and feel that a parent’s love is endless.  

Often when children are worried or feeling anxious, it can lead to them feeling alone. This book reminds them of the support and love they have from their parents in hopes of easing some of those fears.


Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by Julia Cook – 


This book is another excellent option for children with anxiety. The book provides great strategies for kids that they can relate to in terms of anxiety, while also providing humor.  

Bonus! It even addresses and gives tips for managing anxiety centered around things out of our control. This could be things like weather and accidents.  


Additional Resources to Help a Child with Anxiety 


We can’t promise these books will release all of your child’s worries and anxiety. But at the very least, they provide an excellent springboard to conversations and strategies/ideas to implement with your child. Here are some other articles to help a child with anxiety and worrying.


We look forward to hearing which was the most helpful book for your family, and any other books you’ve used to address worry, anxiety, and fear in kids!


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Best Books to Help a Child with Anxiety and Worry
Do you have a child with anxiety? Check out these 4 must read children’s books to help communicate with your child about their worries and fears.

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