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My 3 All Time Best Sites for Educational Gifts


By: Suzie Dalien, M.Ed.

Little girl in green top and pig tails is playing with toys. Text overlay My 3 All Time Best Sites for Educational Gifts

My holiday decorations have been up for weeks and…

I’ve been listening to holiday music since October! 

I love to find gifts that are not only fun for my child but are also a learning tool.

Knowing that you probably won’t be surprised to hear that I am dying to share my list of places to buy educational gifts that are both functional, and FUN for holiday gifts this year.



My 3 All Time Best Sites for Educational Gifts  



I feel pretty confident when I say; Lakeshore is every teacher’s go-to shopping site. Lakeshore sells practical materials that are so fun– kids don’t even realize they’re learning. So what better place for a parent to get their children educational gifts that they will love for Christmas!

Not sure what to buy? Here are some products I’ve purchased and am willing to vouch for: 

      • Fishing for Sight Words (Also try these Sight Word Hacks)
      • Pirate Island: Reading for Details Game
      • Pop & Add Games 
      • Getting Ready to Write Gumball Grab
      • Power Pens 


Learning Resources

Learning Resources is dedicated to helping children develop a love for learning.  Any idea how they’re doing it? You guessed it—by making learning fun!

And guess what? You’ll get 30% off your first order when you enter your email address. 

Check out what I’m buying this year:


  • Goodie Games: ABC Cookies
  • Botley the Coding Robot
  • Riddle Moo This: A Silly Riddle Word Game
  • Gears Gears Gears! Machines in Motion
  • Tock the Learning Clock

Fun and Function

Fun and Function takes their motto of “Empowering Different” very seriously, and it shows in their amazing projects!  Their inventory runs the gamut from sensory regulation to play.

They have all different items for each sensory need and every sensory interest.  As a special education teacher in an autism support classroom, Fun and Function is taking up a large spot in my holiday wish list:


  • Yummy Cuddly Blanket
  • Discovery Putty
  • Busy Fingers Weighted Sensory Pillow
  • Bucket of Fidgets
  • Transformer Sensory Sack


Holidays can be a trying time for parents of children with special needs. Kids are home from school, there are special events to attend, routines are disrupted which causes more stress. Check out the following articles that can help.



What about a special educational gift for you both this year?

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Little girl with pig tails playing with toys with white overlay and text My 3 All Time Best Sites for Educational Gifts

Do you want your child’s Christmas gifts this year to encourage learning? Here are our 3 all time best sites for educational gifts!

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15 Responses to My 3 All Time Best Sites for Educational Gifts

  • Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women says:

    Educational gifts, where ever possible, is definitely the way to go. You get the added bonus of the child(ren) learning while they have fun. A bit like ‘more education through stealth’! The key, as you mentioned here a couple of times, is to make the learning fun by ensuring you choose the right products. You have certainly shared a great selection here as we head toward Christmas.

  • Monica says:

    I absolutely LOVE Lakeshore and Learning Resources. They have the coolest toys. I will have to check out Fun and Function. I’ve never heard of them before.

  • Lisa says:

    We love Lakeshore in our home! Their products are so reliable.

  • Shayla Marie says:

    We homeschool and have 6 children, educational toys are pretty much the only kind we get and they keep the kids busy for so much longer than most toys! Love educational gifts like these here!

  • Adriane Thompson says:

    We love Learning Resources and Lakeshore! I’ve never heard of Fun and Function. We’ll have to check them out!

  • Maria Yakimchuk says:

    Thanks for sharing these resources.

  • Flossie McCowald says:

    Thanks for writing about these great resources for parents! I’m familiar with Lakeshore, but the rest is all new to me – good to know about.

  • Courtney says:

    Could you link some of your suggestions? Some of this sounds interesting but I don’t know what it is, like a yummy cuddly blanket.

  • Emily Invergo says:

    My aunt used to only get us educational gifts. I always wondered where she got everything.

  • Sarah says:

    Fun and function has great sensory toys.

  • Catherine Irwin says:

    Gotta love an educational gift especially when it make learning fun.

  • Christine says:

    This is awesome! I definitely prefer gifts that are educational or at least make my kids THINK lol. But I never think to look anywhere besides amazon. These sites seem amazing, I’ll be checking them out for Christmas gifts:)

  • Aliya says:

    This is amazing. I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rachel says:

    Thank you for this post! I am looking to buy educational gifts for my boys this year. Also, my youngest is special needs so I am particularly looking for toys that can help him a little more. I am off to check them out now!

  • Darcy says:

    I had no idea of this website , lakeshore. I just took a minute to check it out and as a mom of a 2 and 4 year old, thank you!!!!!

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