Fun Family Alternatives to Black Friday Shopping

Family playing a board game together as a family alternative to black Friday shopping.

Are you looking for fun family alternatives to Black Friday shopping? Every year, people spend thousands of dollars between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Some parents are off to shop for the best deals in the stores on Black Friday. They wait for long hours in line to save a few extra bucks on something.

As a person who loves some savings, I have checked out the Black Friday deals in stores myself.

However, lately, I have come to enjoy shopping from the comfort of my home more.



Fun Family Alternatives to Black Friday Shopping  


This year I feel like I would rather spend time with my family than go Black Friday shopping. It is also a great time to make the time educational and rewarding. 

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As a previous Black Friday shopper, I have come to see:

  • Thanksgiving ending early due to Holiday Shopping
  • People fighting in line over the best deals
  • Even people camping on the streets

Although this can be fun and enjoyable for some, it can be stressful for others. Finding fun alternatives for the family on Black Friday can be difficult but not impossible. Here are a few ideas. 


Family Movie Night

Most children love going to the movies to see the latest release. Movies are finally back in production after the long break due to the Pandemic. 

Instead of holiday shopping, take a trip to the movies with your family. It just may start a fun holiday tradition that the children will never forget. 


Math Shopping Game

Most businesses have holiday sales with Black Friday advertisements that they release the prior month. Whether you’re doing Black Friday shopping or not, those ads are an easy way to incorporate addition and subtraction activities. 

For example, your children can take the original cost of the item and subtract the sales price. Another Math activity would be finding out the percentage off the item during the Black Friday sale. 

Here are some great math activities using sales papers I found.


Family Game Night

Over the years, there has been a decrease in the number of board games that children play. Many children would rather play on their electronic devices instead of playing board games. 

However, I encourage you to use your holiday shopping time to create a family game night tradition. Board games are great for children because many are strategy games that require them to think outside of the box and use their higher-level thinking skills. 

Check out these 23 Best Family Board Games.



Some may not have thought of Geography when dealing with shopping. However, have you ever mapped out your shopping experience? Which stores were you going to go to, and in what order? 

As a parent, you can collect all of the sales advertisements. Then, have your kids map out the directions to take to get to all the stores. They will learn directions: 

  • North
  • South
  • East
  • West 

They can also calculate how much time it would take to get from one store to the next. 


Visiting the Nursing Home

When I was a kid, my great-grandmother was in a nursing home. We would visit her when we were able. She would get so excited and play her harmonica for us. 

Nursing homes can be hard during the holidays. The Nursing home is full of older patients, and some cannot see any family members on Thanksgiving. 

Visiting a nursing home is an excellent alternative to holiday shopping. As a family, I encourage you to try taking an hour of your time this holiday season. Spending time with those who don’t always have family around the holidays will be a blessing to all. 


What Activities Will Your Family Try as Alternatives to Black Friday Shopping? 

Black Friday shopping can be a super fun experience for some families. However, your family can have many fun alternatives during one of the year’s craziest days of the year (Black Friday). 

What family traditions do you have for Black Friday? Share them below in the comments. You never know. Your traditions may be just what another family needs this year. 

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Family playing a board game together as a family alternative to black Friday shopping.
Are you done with the madness of Black Friday? Save your sanity and check out these Fun Family Alternatives to Black Friday shopping!

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