Fun Tricks To Learning Math In The Summer

Summer… An excellent time for learning!

I bet that’s not typically what you think of when you envision summer break…

What does summer mean to you?

Perhaps it’s time for vacations and catching fireflies?

Maybe it’s a time to hit the swimming pool?

But the truth is, for many children, summer is a time when all the critical skills they busted their butt to learn throughout the year are sometimes (or often) lost through a phenomenon called “Brain Drain“… especially math!

Fun Tricks To Learning Math In The Summer

It is important to remember that math can be fun!

In fact, there are activities that you can orchestrate where your child will learn… BUT THEY WON’T EVEN KNOW!

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Curious as to what these secrets could possibly be?

Here are some simple summer math activities that will keep your kids from being bored (and keep them learning!).

Take Math Outside In The Summer!

Here are some tested and proven FUN activities that can actually increase math skills!

Most parents won’t even see these as learning activities… but they are!

  • Have an even and odd beanbag toss
  • Make a hula hoop clock to review time-related problems
  • Play marshmallow shoot and measure
  • Have a shapes scavenger hunt
  • Play number line race using sidewalk chalk
  • Use your flower bed or garden to practice measurements
  • Heading to the beach? Use seashells for counting, sorting or a fun memory game
  • Play skip counting hopscotch

Summer Learning (I Mean Fun) With Legos!

  • Work on place value with LEGOs
  • Build a rocket-powered Lego car
  • Practice double digit addition and subtraction

Simple Games And Creativity To Bolster Summer Learning!

  • Review math facts by playing Math Twister
  • Practice adding money and making change with your kids by “playing store” with their favorite books or toys
  • Play a math card game

Household Items Converted Into Learning Utensils!

  • Watermelon seeds are a great way to practice counting
  • Use small toys, balls or household items to have a weekly estimation jar challenge (encourage your kids to make educated guesses and work on estimating techniques)
  • Get in the kitchen for fun with math and cooking

Learning in the summer… or really all year long can be FUN!

There’s nothing written in the book of academics that says learning has to be boring and hated by children throughout the world!

In fact, even the traditional “textbook” learning has evolved utilizing one-on-one special education tutoring online!

Do you have any summer math ideas? If so, please leave them in the comments! We are ALWAYS looking for additional items to share with our incredible community!


Melissa Barto

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