7 Fun Labor Day Activities for Families You Should Try This Year

Mom and daughter playing karaoke at home, one of the 7 fun Labor Day activities for families you should try this year.

Are you looking for fun Labor Day activities for families this year? Labor Day is a national holiday that occurs every year to celebrate the labor movement and the achievements of the American worker.

Labor Day is on the first Monday in September each year. This holiday often gives families an extra day to share and spend time together before schools start back.

Although it is not a holiday often known for having lots of activities, there are many ways that you can celebrate Labor Day together as a family. I hope you enjoy one or more of these ideas. 


Labor Day Activities for Families


#1 Singing Karaoke

Everyone loves a good Karaoke sing-along. There is such a variety of songs that celebrate Americans and the hard work that should be celebrated on Labor Day. 

If you don’t have a karaoke machine, you can use an app on your phone, tablet, or Roku box. The app on Roku will allow you to use your phone as a microphone and pair it with the TV to project everyone’s voice!

Here are a few apps to look out for:

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  • Party Tyme Karaoke on Roku
  • Karaoke On Demand on Roku
  • Stingray Karaoke on Roku
  • Yokee on Apple and Android 
  • The Voice – Sing Karaoke in the Google Play Store
  • ISing on Apple and Android

Karaoke is an activity the whole family will love. And kids love pretending to sing like a star!

#2 Tye Dye

Another activity that your family may enjoy over the Labor Day weekend is Tye Dye. As a family, you could Tye Dye shirts with the American flag colors to represent the labor that shaped American workers and represents our country. 

Tye Dye is an activity that your family can really get creative with this weekend. I found a step-by-step tutorial with a list of supplies needed from Home Depot

#3 Spending Time Outdoors

Many families take the long weekend to spend more time outdoors, weather permitting anyway. Especially since this three-day weekend usually signifies the end of summer and the beginning of fall.

There are so many possibilities for family activities, whether spending time in your backyard or doing a little something in your town.


Ideas for Family Labor Day Activities Outside

  • Make it an adventure your family won’t forget by going kayaking or canoeing.
  • Cook hot dogs over the grill in the backyard while watching the kids have fun playing in the sprinklers.
  • Take a walk around your community or a nature walk 
  • Attend a Labor Day parade (even better, participate if possible)
  • Invite friends over to watch movies on a blowup screen in the backyard. You can even prepare Labor Day snacks to share. 
  • Though labor day weekend may signify the end of summer, it could also be your last chance to take the kiddos swimming at the community pool, beach, or waterpark.
  • Visit a state park to camp, fish, or just relax while your children have fun playing.

#4 Patriotic Crafts 

If the weather keeps your family in the house for this holiday weekend, do crafts, an art project, or write together.

Kids love anything involving paint, markers, or glue. They can create their own artistic masterpieces or try one of these Labor Day craft ideas. 

Labor Day Craft Ideas

Did you know art can be a form of therapy for special needs children? Check out this blog: Art Therapy For Children With Special Needs.

#5 Labor Day Writing Project

Does your whole family enjoy writing? A family writing activity may just be how you want to spend Labor day this year. Here are a few writing prompt ideas.

Writing Prompt Ideas

  • Why are workers essential?
  • How did jobs shape American history?
  • What careers are you interested in when you grow up?
  • Is there someone you would like to thank for working hard?
  • Why is Labor Day an important federal holiday? 
  • Why is Labor Day considered the official end of summer?

You and your child could also create unique cards thanking current or retired workers for their labor. This can be a project that is a combination of writing and art.

You also might want to check out these Creative Writing Activities for a Special Needs Student.

#6 Visit a Museum

Another great labor day activity to enjoy as a family is visiting a museum. There are typically several museums located within driving distance from your city.

Some will have special events planned for the Labor day weekend. You and your kids may even learn a little history while during your visit. Double-check the hours before making the drive. Here is a list of museums located in the United States.

#7 Visit an Amusement Park

Another fun family activity to do on Labor Day is to take the kids to the local amusement park. If you don’t have one in your city, consider visiting one that may be within driving distance.

It is a perfect time to visit an amusement park since many will have special deals for the Labor day weekend and close for the summer season.

Although you should still check with the park for hours of operation before planning your labor day trip, some museums may be closed for Labor Day. Here is a complete list of amusement parks in the US broken down by state. 

Labor Day is an excellent opportunity to spend time with your family and enjoy fun activities together before school starts. Whether you’re interested in visiting a museum, amusement park, or finding activities around the house, there are so many fun ways to spend with your loved ones this holiday. 

What plans do you have for Labor Day this September? Share them in the comments below.

What Plans Does Your Family Have for Labor Day this September?   

Comment below to tell us what you think of these activities. Has your family tried any of them? What are some other activities that your family has done on Labor Day in the past? Here are even more fun family activities to try.

Other Fun Family Activities


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Mom and daughter playing karaoke at home, one of the 7 fun Labor Day activities for families you should try this year.
Are you looking for fun Labor Day activities for families to do this year? Check out these ideas your family will love!

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