5+ Ways to Get Help for a Child Struggling With Reading

3 young girls at school with a book one is a child struggling with reading

If your child is struggling with reading, I bet you can relate to one or more of these scenarios. 

  • Late nights up helping your child with homework
  • Feeling hopeless watching your child explode into tears when they become too frustrated reading
  • Your child is begging to stay home from school because it is their turn to read in front of the class
  • Feeling discouraged with your child’s failing report card

Signs of a Struggling Reader

You may already know your child struggles with reading, but what if you don’t know if that is the problem? 

Here are some signs to look out for: 

  • Late talking
  • Slow reading
  • Difficulty pronouncing words
  • Poor spelling
  • Little vocabulary used
  • Difficulty rhyming
  • Skips words in sentences
  • Doesn’t understand what they have read
  • Avoidance of activities that involve reading

Common Causes of Reading Problems 

Many different factors can cause a child to have difficulty reading. A few of these could be: 


Ways to Get Help for a Child Struggling With Reading 


I understand your frustration. But there is help for your child that is struggling with reading. Schools by law offer special education to students with disabilities.

This includes those with learning disabilities and support for ESL learners (English language learners).


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The following is a list of reading support services that might be available at your child’s school:

  1. Special education
  2. Reading Specialists
  3. Title I
  4. English as a Second Language 
  5. Online Tutoring With Special Education Tutors
  6. Online Book Club

Here is a breakdown of how each can help your child with reading.

#1 Special Education

If your child is experiencing difficulty learning to read, it will affect her academic success at school. Students with disabilities qualify to receive special education assistance under the Individual with Disabilities Act.

Special education teachers can collaborate with classroom teachers to enhance reading success for students with disabilities.


#2 Reading Specialists

A lot of schools also employ the services of Reading Specialists. These teachers have advanced degrees and certifications to teach reading specifically. 

Reading specialists are also responsible for: 

  • Assessing students’ reading levels
  • Meet with students individually to provide helpful instruction
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers to offer in-class assistance
  • Act as instructional heads in their school systems 
  • Offer professional development opportunities to classroom teachers
  • Provide educational resources to teachers
  • Leadership opportunities for classroom teachers

#3 Title I

Title I is a program that uses special funding to provide additional instruction in some school districts. The aid goes to well over 6.4 million students living in school districts high in poverty. 

High-poverty schools can apply for Title I funding to offer extra assistance to students who are failing or who are on the verge of failing across one or more academic areas.

Find out if your school system offers Title I services at the National Center for Education Statistics.


#4 English as a Second Language 

Students who are learning English as a second language also qualify for support services at school. When providing services to students learning English as a second language, there are many methods available.

These methods span from offering bilingual education to English-only instruction. 


#5 Online Tutoring with Special Education Tutors

Special Education Resource is here to help your child with whatever she is struggling with, including reading. One of our special education tutors will take the curriculum your child is being taught in their traditional class and mold it to fit their unique learning needs.

And we do this all online, so you nor your child has to leave the comfort of your home. Get started with a free consultation today!


#6 Online Book Club

SER Book Club is an interactive, individualized reading program that gets to the root of why kids struggle with reading, comprehension, and writing. It was designed by special education experts to help struggling readers who need extra attention in order to improve their skills.

This program is all-inclusive, with the focus being on creating independence in absorbing text, not just the ability to stumble through words.

Learn more about the Special Education Resource Book Club today!

Tips for the Parent of a Child Struggling with Reading

To have these support services implemented successfully, the parent must be as involved n the process. 

Here are a few ways to do that: 

  • Communicate effectively with educational leaders 
  • Arrive at all meetings well prepared
  • Be aware of the particular services you’d like to have implemented for your child’s best interest and academic enhancement

Unfortunately, there aren’t miraculous cures for students with learning disabilities. But it is crucial to emphasize the positive. Also, to assist in recognizing methods available to enhance your child’s academic success and overall educational experience. 

After you have found a program for your child, it is essential to follow through to ensure these programs go into effect.


Additional Resources to Help Struggling Readers

Check out our other blogs with reading strategies:

Has your child had success with any of the services we shared? Let us know in the comments below.


3 young girls at school with a book one is a child struggling with reading
Is your child having difficulty with reading? Don’t miss these 5 Ways to Get Help for a Child Struggling With Reading.

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  1. I have a child who’s speech impairment has affected her negatively in her writing/reading especially. Because the school considered her as failing they took her out of the virtual learning to be as an in-class student without the parents consent. Now they are marking her absent and have taken away the virtual helps such as reading specialist with it. I don’t want my child to fail in this pandemic.

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