Easy Summer Learning Activities Your Child Will Love

Summer is a time of year that most kids look forward to because they are out of school and can have more fun. However, the coronavirus has changed the atmosphere of Summer for most.

More families have reached out to companies like ours to help fill gaps that the children have from the coronavirus pandemic starting during the school year.

Although many children are on summer vacation now, they struggled during the school year to achieve school success because of the online distance learning.

As a parent, it is essential to ensure that your kids are still learning over the Summer while still having fun. Let me show you some easy Summer learning activities that promote learning and fun.


Easy Summer Learning Activities Your Child Will Love


Science Experiments

Science experiments are an excellent way for students to practice science and have fun. 

A science experiment doesn’t have to be complicated. You can do a science experiment using everyday household or outdoor materials.

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  • Try using random items to see if a reaction occurs. For example, some liquids are reactive to Alka-Seltzer tablets.
  • Another experiment to try is to see if certain liquids affect plant growth.
  • These experiments look fun!


Read Read Read (It may not sound like fun, but reading is a super easy Summer learning activity.)

Reading is an integral part of everyday life. In the Summer, encourage your kids to read things every day. 


Here are a few ways they can read “in disguise”:

  • Nutrition Labels
  • Recipes
  • Directions to putting together new furniture

Although they don’t have to read in those ways, you can have things about their favorite things.

For example, I have had a student who loved sharks, so we read everything about sharks. 

This can include:

  • Library books
  • Online resources
  • Magazines

Scavenger Hunts

Kids love to have scavenger hunts. They can be adapted to easy Summer learning activities. 

  • Word scavenger hunts around the house.
  • Nature scavenger hunts with different rocks, figs, and sticks.
  • Ingredient scavenger hunts in the kitchen to find various items for a recipe.
  • Color and number scavenger hunts around the house for those just learning their colors and numbers.
  • This scavenger hunt looks like a lot of fun! 


In most school systems, students have art weekly. They missed out on half of the year because of the pandemic. Crafts are a way for students to enjoy arts and still have summer fun.


  • Kites

Kites are a fun way for your kids to learn about shapes, colors, and can show their creativity. You can have your kids create their  Kites using popsicle sticks, glue, paint, paper, and strings.

  • Scented Bubbles

Kids love playing with Bubbles. Bubbles are a cheap and creative way that kids can have fun. You can upgrade the kids’ bubbles to create scented, colored bubbles using food coloring and essential oils.

  • Paper Plate Llamas

Llamas are all the hype for kids today. An easy way for kids to make their own special Llamas is by using paper plates, markers, glue, scissors, and any cool gems to glue on their Llamas.



Additional Summer Learning Activities and Resources

This Summer can be stressful for students who struggled with distance learning. Let us take care of those educational gaps by doing fun activities with your kids this Summer. 

Below are additional learning resources for Summer break. 

If you have any questions or want to set up trials, please contact us. We would love to help your kids catch up this Summer while you guys have fun.


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It is important to provide learning opportunities throughout the Summer. Here are some easy Summer learning activities your child will love!

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Taylor Fulcher

Taylor Fulcher

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