3 Free and Easy Summer Learning Ideas for Kids

Summer learning is critical for a student’s growth and development. Continued education over the summer extends beyond the classroom and can also extend beyond the traditional paper and pencil methods. I have three super easy summer learning ideas to do with your kids that are absolutely free.


3 Free and Easy Summer Learning Ideas for Kids


During the summer break, learning does not have to be solely focused on traditional math, reading, and writing activities like taught in the classroom. Summer learning activities can occur in many different forms.


#1 Going Outside

One method of learning during the summer can include going outside. Who would think something so simple could allow for learning to occur? 

Communication Skills

For example, while outside, when walking, talk to your child about what you see in nature. 

When communicating with your child, use rich vocabulary. Just chatting with your son or daughter empowers them to ask relevant questions and helps them to learn how to communicate effectively. 

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Communicating also builds critical thinking skills. When you ask them about something in the environment (an open-ended question), they must think about the question and how to answer it before answering. 

Here is a great list of 250 questions to get you started with conversations with your kids.


Colors and Shapes

Another simple way to learn while outdoors includes talking about different colors and shapes in the environment. Extend beyond the basic colors and shapes.

Focus on three-dimensional shapes or advanced colors. When focusing on the colors, ask your son or daughter, what colors they must mix to make that specific color. 

Just being outside provides you and your child less stress and helps lower anxiety. Being outside helps yours and your child’s mental health.


#2 Cooking

Another learning activity is to cook together. Please have your child help regardless of his age. There are so many summer educational opportunities when cooking with your child. 

Learning Opportunities Through Cooking Include:

Reading Skills

  • Learning how to read the ingredients
  • How to follow directions  
  • Vocabulary

Math Skills

  • Counting
  • Fractions
  • Shapes
  • Problem-solving
  • How to determine the temperature

Science Skills

  • Mixing ingredients
  • Making predictions
  • Learning how food changes when cooking 

Fine Motor Skills 

  • Whisking
  • Sifting
  • Rolling 

Cooking is also a life skill that your child will always use no matter his age. It is better to learn how to cook while you are young. 

While working together in the kitchen, make sure to teach cleanliness to your child as well. He must know how to clean up properly after himself as well as cleaning up after a mess. This is another essential life skill that your child can carry with him in the future.


#3 Crafts

The last idea for non-traditional learning during the summer is crafts. 

Skills Learned Through Crafts Include: 

  • Cutting
  • Gluing
  • Mixing
  • Combining
  • Building
  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills

Allow your child to explore through crafts. When completing crafts, the child is also learning how to be more creative and productive. 

Have you ever just put various materials out for your child to explore?

If you have, you know that children are great at creating their own unique structures. 

It is always important to ask them questions about their craft because this helps them socialize and learn how to communicate with others.


Additional Summer Learning Ideas and Resources

This summer can be stressful for students who struggled during the school year. Take care of those educational gaps by doing fun activities with your kids this summer. 

Below are additional Summer learning resources to do over the summer break. 

What other summer learning activities did your children do this summer? Share them in the comments below.

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It is important to provide learning opportunities throughout the Summer. Here are 3 Free and Easy Summer Learning Ideas for Kids your child will love!

Amanda Wagoner, MAT

Amanda Wagoner, MAT

Amanda Wagoner, MAT

Amanda Wagoner, MAT

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