How to Keep Your Child Calm While at Home With ADHD Autism High Energy

Mom sitting on the couch head slumped down in hands thinking about how to keep your child calm while at home with ADHD Autism High Energy while her son and daughter are on each side of her screaming.

Keeping your child calm while at home while schools are on a break can be a challenge. Keeping children with ADHD, autism, or high energy calm can feel impossible!  

In 2020, parents found themselves taking on additional roles at home such as: 

  • Teachers
  • Cooks
  • Nurses
  • Therapists 

Children with special needs such as ADHD or autism need consistent structure and just plain out exciting activities to keep them entertained and keep them learning!


How to Keep Your Child Calm While at Home with ADHD Autism and High Energy


Keep Your Child with Special Needs on a Schedule

They thrive off of structured days and are used to it since more than half of their year is in this type of environment. Your schedule does not have to be as structured as it would be in a school setting. However, it does need to give some structure to your child’s day. 

Children need structure in their lives, and they are used to it in a school setting. Even though the world is in chaos we can still bring our children security. And one way you can do this is by continuing the structured part of their days. 

You may want to check out these schedules to use at home:


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Keeping Calm Yourself

Adults found themselves doing less, staying more inside, and living a slower life during the stay-at-home orders. But this may have caused depression for some people, and the same thing goes for children. 

Children hear and see adults worrying, and this, in turn, can cause them to worry. You can make it better for your child by being calm and make the most of your time with them! 


Stimulating Activities

One way you can help your child to stay calm while at home is to provide stimulus activities. Pairing the stimulus activity with the curriculum for that day is a great way to connect the material. 

Stimulating Activities to Keep Your Child Calm at Home

Some fun activities you could try include: 

  • Throwing a ball to answer questions
  • Playing a tic tac toe game -if your child answers correctly, they get a turn and can even ask you questions!) 
  • Creating slime
  • Doing a science experiment 

Here are additional helpful activities in this blog: Simple Sensory Activities For An Autistic Teenager

Additional Resources for your Special Needs Child

Children with Autism and ADHD need stability during this time more than ever. Just remember you are their calm, and they will never forget the days you broke out the slime, volcano, and other fun family activities. 

Times right now are complex. But we can still help the children in our lives live a little easier by giving them routine, having fun activities, and just being there for them. 

How have you kept your child calm while at home? Share your ideas in the comments below. 

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Mom sitting with head slumped down thinking about how to keep your child calm while at home with ADHD Autism High Energy because her son and daughter are driving her crazy.
Keeping your child calm while at home while schools are on a break can be a challenge. With ADHD, autism, or high energy calm can feel impossible

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